2022 [SWEDISH]

Action / Horror

IMDb Rating 4.9/10 10 8131 8.1K

Top cast

Sofia Kappel as Josefin
Joel Lützow as Jens
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Lobsterofrussia 6 / 10

Shame on you!!!

This is the most ridiculous, horrendous movie i've ever watched! Especially the producing in this movie was horrible.

I regret watching it and would NOT watch it again for all the amount of money in the world. If somebody had a gun to my head, saying its either a bullet or watch this movie. I'll chose the bullet. Its simply less traumatizing!

The whole crew behind this movie should be ashamed.

Whats worse? Well let me tell you, my daughter (her biggest dream was working in the film industry) who watched it with me has been crying non-stop for a couple hours. She says she now gotta find her another dream since she dont wanna work in this realm of the world anymore. She said she wont watch any other movie until her 18th birthday, out of pure disappointment!

Shame on you!!!

Reviewed by lingonkakan_92 4 / 10

This is my headline for my review here

This movie is quite bad. I gave it a 4 (which is probably too high) due to the fact that I actually made it through all the way, albeit close to giving up a few times. Basically, it does nothing right: it's not scary, the story is not original or intriguing; it's very predictable; there are many irrational decisions being made by the characters; the psychology of the characters doesn't feel authentic. Sometimes the scenery was quite good, and the fact that it was so bad made it a little bit charming in a weird way. There might or might not be some talented folks involved in the making of this movie - probably not - but it's likely one of those cases where too many people submitted ideas (taken from other movies) and the actual creator(s) threw too much in there, creating a mess. I don't recommend this to anyone with the slightest ability of critical thinking - it will torture you. However, if you're an oblivious man or woman, this might be just for you.

Reviewed by / 10

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