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Katie Lowes as Kirby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MattBrady099 8 / 10

Cheerful, Depressing and happy again

A man's best friend to the very end.

The story is about a man's love life is seen through the eyes of his best friend and dog, Winston, and revealed bite by bite through the meals they share.

Feast is a 6 minute short film that by now judging on the date of this review, this short film has been nominated for Best Short Film at the Oscars and who knows... it might win. Okay so this a short film and that means this review might not be has long as my other reviews, so basically it's a short little review on this cheerful short film, well it might be a long review.

I got to say that the first ever scene in this short film with the little dog barking and being a happy puppy was the cutest and the most adorable thing I've seen since the beginning of the 2008 film Bolt. Have you ever got that feeling inside of you that it's so cute that you can't take to much cuteness, yeah that's this.

What Feast got so beautifully well is showing a cute little dog who loves junk food and in the background there's another story happening with two lovers and they relationship, but has the short goes along it quickly turns surprisingly depressing. Feast is only 6 minutes long and it brilliantly give you all the cuteness, cheerfulness, depression and back to happy again and Feast gives you all that in a matter of 6 minutes, it's a bit like Up with the opening scene where you already know everything about them and it's only last for a couple of minutes, I mean that right there is masterpiece of directing and writing.

The animation is so colorful and so beautifully bright that the animation is the icing on the cake for this touching and a well made short film.

Reviewed by thealphakeno 8 / 10

Didn't expect my emotion in this film.

I was in the theater and about to watch Big Hero 6 when this came out first. My dog died a week before and it remind me of him.

The story was simple yet it has a deep meaning on what's the connection of the master and the dog. First on how strangers become friends. How friend got replaced by a better person. How friendship fix everything; and a sacrifice to make your friend happy even if its painful in your side.

Though there was a sad tear jerking scenes, but at the end its still a happy ending to that meat lover dog. His sacrifice his being a meat lover for the happiness of his master, but in the end it paid off and got his grand prize.

Reviewed by StevePulaski 9 / 10

One more reason a man and his dog can bond

Feast was shown in theaters before Disney's Big Hero 6, and serves as a nice vehicle for the fun-loving mayhem that takes place in that particular film. This short is a heartwarmer from start to finish, concerning an owner and his dog who bound over the foods they eat and the company they share while eating. This kind of connection to anyone who owns a pet is a familiar one, and it's a beautiful representation of a man/dog relationship. As expected, Disney hits the appropriate notes here, playing to ones emotions, childlike sense of whimsy, and cuteness factor in having a fun-loving dog chow down on whatever is placed in front of him. Despite all these clear and evident tactics, the short amazingly works and serves as the Best Animated Short winner for good, albeit simplistic, reasons.

Directed by: Patrick Osborne and Kristina Reed.

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