Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture


Action / Animation / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 6.5/10 10 1292 1.3K


Top cast

Jason Gray-Stanford as Joe Higashi
David Kaye as Kim Kaphwan
Matt Hill as Laocorn Gaudeamus / Additional Voices
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yy15 7 / 10

Best Fatal Fury Movie so far

This one is the best of the three so far (Fatal fury 1 & 2). The story is more touching and the character interactions are good. As for the plot, Terry has to face a new battle and this time, the enemy is not human! There is also new love for Terry, a girl who seek help from him. Another high about the movie, Mai, the cute ninja girl plays a more important role here. It was good to see her around.

Reviewed by ericstevenson 7 / 10

I found it passable

I admit that it's hard for me to judge this seeing as how I'm not into the "Fatal Fury" series that much. Of course, when you know as much about pop culture as me, you can't help but recognize a couple characters. I at least know Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui. There were some cameos by characters who unfortunately didn't have much relevance to the story, like Duck King. Of course, it's hard to have a character with that name being taken seriously. I actually do like the romance in this movie. It does come off as pretty believable and a lot of it ends up pretty tragically.

Maybe this was in fact in the actual games, but you don't really see much romance in fighting games. Yeah, I'm such a sucker for that stuff. I admit that the animation does look pretty bad at some points. I guess old anime doesn't hold up that well. I still found the cast to be pretty likable, especially Mai Shiranui. She seriously steals every scene she's in and yeah, that is kind of because she's so amazingly beautiful. The story could have been better but as far as movies based on video games go, it was certainly better than most. ***

Reviewed by kevin_robbins 5 / 10

This is a must see for fans of the video game but far from a classic anime picture

Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture (1994) is a movie I recently watched on Tubi. The storyline follows a group of friends who live and train together who encounter a ruthless killer looking to acquire an invincible armor. They partner with the killer's sister to hunt him down and try to stop him from acquiring the armor.

This movie is directed by Masami Ôbari (Gundam Build Fighters: Battlogue) and contains the voices of Mark Hildreth (The Tudors), Lisa Ann Beley (Dragon Ball Z), Jason Gray-Stanford (Monk), Matt Hill (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III) and John Payne (Silent Mobious).

The animation in this didn't age well but did align closely with the video game cut scenes. The fight scenes did a good job of using the split screen features when introducing the characters that also aligned to the game. They also gave the characters the mannerisms from their post fight victory scenes from the arcade game. The fight scenes and characters were fun as was the premise. The ending song was a bit funny as they segwayed to the credits.

Overall this is a must see for fans of the video game but far from a classic anime picture. I would score this a 5/10 and recommend seeing it once for fans of the game.

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