Far Out Man



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50% · 2.5K ratings
IMDb Rating 4.9/10 10 1222 1.2K


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Rae Dawn Chong as Rae Dawn Chong
C. Thomas Howell as C. Thomas Howell
Judd Nelson as Judd Nelson
Martin Mull as Dr. Liddledick
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Reviewed by digitalzomby 6 / 10

Do You Like Cheese With Your Buzz

I have been a huge fan of Cheech & Chong since they released their first album on vinyl, Cheech and Chong in 71 and it kind of tickled me when Far Out Man said Dave's not here.

This is a few days in the life of an old Hippie Tommy Chong solo with his real family in tow. His daughter thinks he needs help... maybe ... maybe not. I say not. It's him without Cheech, but yea this film which Tommy wrote and directed is pretty cheesy but I can dig it because it is Tommy Chong after all.

Reviewed by art-pfenning 6 / 10

Not Horrible

I had zero expectations going into this film but, OK maybe I thought it was really going to stink.

It didn't.

Sure, it doesn't have the subversive, cool, heady tripping of a Cheech & Chong flick and Tommy's casting his talentless wife in a lead role was way wrong, but there are still enough cool clips to keep your attention.

One of the things that's sort of distracting about this film production is the excessive number of scenes that appear to be obviously overdubbed. Must have been a one take fix it later wonder film!

Reviewed by pmtelefon 5 / 10

Worth Watching

"Tommy Chong's "Far Out Man" may not be one of his best but its still worth the watch. There some laughs to be had in this movie. Many of those laughs are delivered by Reynaldo Rey. Rey gives a very funny performance in this movie. The rest of the cast is also likeable, including the always dreamy Rae Dawn Chong. Sure there are quite a few clunkers in this movie but with a very friendly running time of 81 minutes, who wants to nitpick. "Far Out Man" is worth the watch, especially for fans of Tommy Chong (like me). (Just for the record I just bought a pipe from Cheech & Chong glass. I guess Chong figured out a way to sell that kind of stuff without going to prison this time.)

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