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Anne Hathaway as Hot Blonde
Mila Kunis as Meg Griffin
Patrick Warburton as Joe Swanson as Jabba the Hutt
Seth Green as Chris Griffin as Luke Skywalker
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Reviewed by thomdibble 6 / 10

It's... a Bit Dull!

Without a shadow of a doubt this 'final' instalment in the Family Guy Star Wars trilogy is the weakest, but that doesn't mean that it is a bad film. It doesn't demand your attention (but whenever has a Family Guy episode?), and is an easy viewing. There are moments of originality and a couple of clever and rewarding jokes, but ultimately, it feels clichéd and slightly stale, but is still rather enjoyable nonetheless.

There are some moments of pure gold in the film (a Stormtrooper pillow fight, 'Death Star' design flaws, Green versus MacFarlene and Louis / Leia's protestations about her treatment in captivity, for example, are standouts which raised big laughs), but on the whole, it's a simply watchable affair.

The first Star Wars spoof was endlessly enjoyable, casting favourite Family Guy characters as the now classic characters from the Star Wars universe, providing a fresh slant on the old story. That formula however grew stale quickly. Something, Something Darkside suffered a noticeable drop in quality from Blue Harvest as does It's a Trap! from Something, Something.

The problem with this Star Wars run is simple, they ran out of gags to tie in to the universe. There are too many predictable moments in it. Sure enough, Meg was cast as the Sarlaac creature and I was awaiting the 'appearance' of long-time running 'joke' Conway Twitty in this episode, and, sadly, it came. There is an enjoyable, if somewhat overlong, nodding gag, but is instantly recognisable as a time filling device. This episode even has to resort to dragging in characters from MacFarlene's extended universe, The Cleveland Show and American Dad! in a bid to, not only fill out the ever growing cast, but one feels, as an attempt to reinstall some originality to the proceedings. It fails.

Though it may not be a classic Family Guy episode, it is still worth watching, if only for completions sake, but perhaps waiting for the price of the disc to drop, or even wait for it to be aired on TV. Family Guy has long been declining in quality, but has had a recent resurgence, hopefully this latest dip is due to, as MacFarlene suggests, FOX demanding another Star Wars instalment against the will of the writers, only the next series of Family Guy proper will tell.

Reviewed by zkonedog 6 / 10

Running Out Of Gas

In the opening credits of this third Star Wars spoof, the writers joke about FOX "making them do it" and how they are "running out of gas". Upon viewing, it is clear that perhaps it wasn't a joke after all.

This time, Seth McFarland and crew take on the heavy-spoofing of "Return of the Jedi". It's typical Family Guy through and through, with cut-away gags and jokes that go on just a bit too long. Underlying the whole joke-set this time around, though, seems to be a sort of disdain for "Jedi". Whereas "Blue Harvest" was made out of reverence and "Dark Side" was made out of necessity, this one seems to be just a labor to finish the trilogy and nothing more. A few jokes are hilarious, while the others are all over the place and considerably less than funny.

Thus, while this installment needed to be made to complete the trilogy, it suffers from a severe lack of punch in terms of writing. Any talk of the Family Guy crew tackling the "new trilogy" should be put to rest right now after this middling effort.

Reviewed by MarcusJ13 6 / 10


The Family Guy series did a decent job of parodying Star Wars in general before introducing this trilogy of parodies and this shows that the parodies for Star Wars have gotten somewhat stale. Even the opening crawl said that the episode is not as funny as the predecessors so you know when they're just flat out saying it at the start there are glaring problems and whilst I know its supposed to be humorous and tongue in cheek but it shows that even they are running out of steam. Dare I say the same can be said for the series in general? Well that's a different debate altogether but the episode isn't horrible. It plays out like a regular episode as opposed to a special and loses some of the charm of the predecessors where you get the feeling they really enjoyed making them and that isn't there here.

The jokes are quite good mostly with a few good laughs here and there. The ewoks finishing off the stormtroopers at the end of the battle was very funny and whilst I would of thought I'd see it as a mere shock value gag it really amused me. There's the usual jokes about the flaws in the plot etc but like I say its growing stale and merely leaves me hoping that they don't touch the prequels because there will be no jokes outside of flaws which will make for a very boring episodes indeed. On the other hand the true weakest joke of the episode came in the spoof of the Sarlaac scene on Tatooine where they make fun the nodding of acknowledgement of the plan. This was amusing at first but it went on far too long like so many jokes on this show. While that joke was weak the only terrible joke was the 'Darth' Twitty gag which had me cringing. It wasn't funny once and it wasn't funny in any of the subsequent times and superimposing a Darth Vader helmet on does not automatically make it funny. In spite of these complaints it was more or less amusing with the Emperor played well by Carter Pewterschmidt and I'm glad they got him to play the role. There were some good in jokes about Seth MacFarlane and Seth Green especially during the lightsabre battle which during this scene anyway didn't feel like they were dragging it too long. To summarise this was an decent episode that I did enjoy there were just more flaws in this one than the others. I now hope they lay off the Star Wars parodies because even they know they are stale now surely

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