Falling in Love Again


Action / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.0/10 10 465 465


Top cast

Michelle Pfeiffer as Sue Wellington
Elliott Gould as Harry Lewis
Twink Caplan as Malinda
David Caruso as Young Neighborhood Boy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by layton59 2 / 10

Wow What A Stinker

Let me count the ways Bad acting. Bad sound. Bad Music. A few songs are OK. Miscasted actors. 30 yr olds playing teens. Bad Accents. Michelle P's is the worst. Bad Costumes. The whole movie had a surreal feel. Not in a good way either. Eliott G only has little face time. Yet Narrates through-out. The "older woman/kisser" is way hotter than Michelle P.

I count nine, so far. The list is almost endless.

This movie goes on my all-time-stinker list.

Only watch it for the insane novelty of it.

It's like those bowery boy movies from the 1940's only not funny.

Yuck....................................What a stinker.

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by CihanVercan 5 / 10

A Strong Reason for Not to Separate from Your Spouse.

An architect misses his childhood years. So he packs up his family -his wife and children- and heads where he grew up: Bronx, NYC. His memories from the old times begins to revive. There goes the story line: His buddies, his folks, his first love... Old times are introduced very nostalgically. Through those times there are both funny and meaningful moments of cinematography.

His first love, who is currently his wife, has characteristically altered into someone else according to him, as time went by. He recalls all the sweet memories of sharing love with her wife; so he tries to figure out what led to that unforeseen change of his wife's attitudes, what wounds she might have accumulated in her soul. He tries to discover what made one of them abandon their used-to-be forever love. This discovery will rekindle his old feelings for her, and thus it will also make her love him back again for their old times' sake.

For every loving couple, whose love is expired through time must have experienced these searchings for a cure of lost-love crisis in their relationship. If not yet, now is the time.

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