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Top cast

Hermione Corfield as Gabrielle Givens
Daisy Head as Arriane Alter
Addison Timlin as Lucinda Price
Joely Richardson as Ms Sophia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by themissmolly22 5 / 10

Honestly disappointed

Book to movie adaptations usually aren't fantastic so I had low expectations for this movie. At the beginning it looked like I was going to end up pleased. The characters were enjoyable, Arriane was exciting and I was looking forward to seeing some more character development with her, as I was with Roland, and Cam, and Molly, and.... honestly every other character in the movie, with the exception of Luce. But it didn't come, even Cam got a maximum of 20 minutes of screen time, Roland was probably there for about 5 minutes and said a total of about 10 words and a few "wooo"'s. This movie honestly needed to be another 30 minutes at least, not to mention cutting out some of Luces brooding. I had low expectations already, but once I got to the end they were even lower. It had so much potential and unfortunately most of the movie was Luce and Daniel brooding which wouldn't have been a problem if there had've been an extra 30 minutes of jam packed action at the end involving all the other characters. This wasn't the case at all, and the ending totally ruined the entire movie. I still had hope for this movie at this point, and I was looking forward to seeing some actual conversations between a few of the characters, and it just ended. Obviously this is only the first book, but I have doubts about another movie being made, and I really don't think that was a satisfying ending. A real shame because I think there was so much potential, especially if the post processing had've been better. A lot of the time the words didn't match the scene on the screen. Super irritating and definitely made the movie feel unprofessional.

TLDR; Hardly any character interactions, supporting characters just stood there in the background of classrooms, total brood-fest of Luce and Daniel, at least 30 minutes too short, unprofessional post processing

Reviewed by phd_travel 4 / 10

Beautifully filmed but too little story for one movie

A troubled teenage girl goes to a boarding school / treatment facility. There she meets a guy who seems familiar to her. He and a bunch of other strange kids turn out to be fallen angels which will be explained in detail in the classroom.

Comparisons to Twilight are inevitable but there is much less in Fallen than in the first Twilight movie in terms of plot. The dark haired girl and her other worldly hero played by a British actor rescuing her are familiar and it's okay to reuse the formula since it works. Here the difference is it's angels instead of vampires and there is reincarnation theme shown in rather frustrating flashbacks. But things end just when the plot starts to go somewhere.

The trend of spreading out YA fiction movies into three or more movies when the story is so thin to begin is a bad idea. Who can be bothered to wait several years for a romance like this to conclude? I felt like shouting hurry up many times.

The cast is attractive. Addison Timlin as Lucinda is pretty but she doesn't have that special something like K Stew had . She has the appeal of a supporting character rather than a main love interest. Jeremy Irvine plays Grigori. He is quite a likable actor with an impressive bunch of movies before like War Horse and Great Expectations. But here he is made to behave in a rather insipid manner and his passion is unconvincing. Harrison Gilbertson doesn't look as strange as in previous movies though he lacks a dangerous element to be the bad boy - kind of insipid.

There are some good points. The institution is picturesque and Gothic and spooky. The filming is beautifully done with the wings etc.

If this movie doesn't do well in the box office and they don't make a sequel I would have wasted a couple of hours watching this.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 5 / 10

For Young Teenagers Only

The teenager Lucinda "Luce" Price (Addison Timlin) is brought to the Sword and Cross reformatory by her parents to comply with a court order since she was accused for the death of her boyfriend Trevor (Leo Suter) in a fire. However Luce blames shadows for the incident and is considered lunatic. On the arrival, Luce is instructed about the rules and regulations in the school and has contact with the rebel student Cameron "Cam" Briel (Harrison Gilbertson) and then with Arriane Alter (Daisy Head). She visits the library and is welcomed by Miss Sophia (Joely Richardson) that gives books for her and is confronted by the weird Molly Zane (Sianoa Smit-McPhee). Then she befriends the student Pennyweather "Penn" (Lola Kirke) and she feels attracted by Daniel Grigori (Jeremy Irvine), who saves her from a falling statue of an angel. On the next days she is courted by Cam and Daniel and has flashbacks from Trevor's accident and an apparently her past life. She also has a class with Miss Sophia about the war of the angels and the falling angels. When Penny and Luce research with their friend Todd Hammond (Chris Ashby) about Daniel, they find a XIX century picture of Luce and Daniel. However there is a fire in the library caused by shadows and Todd dies. What is the secret of the Sword and Cross?

"Fallen" is another silly romance indicated for young teenagers and fans of "Twilight" only. Adults will probably find it desipient since after so many centuries angels should be more mature. The screenplay is not good and there is no explanation why the fallen angels live at Sword and Cross. The concept of angels with lightened wings is original and the soundtrack is very beautiful. And that is all. My vote is five.

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