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Scarlett Johansson as Little Girl
Scott Cohen as Derick
Francie Swift as Robin
Amaury Nolasco as Waiter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by =G= 7 / 10

Both my thumbs are up....waaaaaay up!

"Fall" tells the tale of a brief love affair between star-crossed lovers and unlikely bedfellows...a NYC cabbie (Schaeffer) and a super model (de Cadenet). Protagonist, writer, producer, and director, Schaeffer goes where few romantic writers have dared to go before as he spins his tale of impossible love from the initial casual attraction to the intensely sexual backlash of two lonely people to the reluctant search for a deeper and more profound meaning to the ultimate and necessary death of the relationship. "Fall" is a wonderful mix of reality and poetry which will maddeningly captivate realists and aggravate hopeless romantics. Kudos to Schaeffer for having the cajones to put this film out there for those few of us who delight in the real but bittersweetness of life.

Footnote: Boxing fans will get some rare glimpses of Max Kellerman doing his public access show in New York (circa 1996) before joining ESPN.

Reviewed by Peach-2 5 / 10

I wanted to like this film.

I really wanted to like this film, but found it a very slow and tedious movie. I really like Schaffer's film If Lucy Fell and was hoping this was the same kind of funny romantic comedy. Fall on the other hand is a very serious romantic movie with some funny moments thrown in for good measure. I think the comedy doesn't fit and the film could have been 20 minutes shorter. No need to check this one out.

Reviewed by axo1usa 7 / 10

sexy movie

I felt "Fall" was good enough to tape and see again, every once in a while.To those of you that say they laughed all the way through it, and it would never happen, U're nuts. It happens all the time. Personally, it's been the story of "my" life.It's a fact that women know in the first minute of meeting a guy if she would jump in bed with him.Many romances are a whirlwind...of lust and passion...and sometimes weeks of euphoric passion evaporate,before our eyes...until 2 travel a divided path back into their routine lives.. Many have lusty little secrets that go untapped .Even their best friends might not know. .This is not an uncommon union.It "does" happen in big city life...I don't know how some of your viewers see it as a laughing stock.It's not.And I pity them if they've never have had such a torrid love affair. It's an old Harry Chapin song..."Taxi" .It's very very soft core Andrew Blake...It's poetic,in it's own right. I liked it...and will watch it again.

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