Fail State



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Barack Obama as Self - 44th President of the United States
Donald Trump as Self - Founder, Trump University
Conan O'Brien as Self - 2011 Dartmouth College Commencement Speaker
John Oliver as Self - Host, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by boydpeters 7 / 10

Definately worth watching

As a non US person it was good to see this didn't descend into partisan politics- impartial. Snouts in the trough, nothing new but lays it out clearly. I was sad for the people with the sham degrees but they also bare a degree of responsibility for not researching that these sham qualifications are not recognised by any employers or legitimate education providers. Community colleges seem a good option, appears there are insufficient places in them. I would like to see the longer term benefit to Texas for their initiative. We watched as a family- with the kids. Lots of pausing and conversing. Good film, well done all

Reviewed by kleenexcow 10 / 10

An important call to action

I remember when I was a kid in the 90's, watching daytime TV during the summer and noticing that every commercial seemed to be for ITT Tech. Even as a kid, I thought it seemed super scammy to target so heavily people at home watching daytime TV. Beyond that, though, this was a subject I didn't know a lot about, and the documentary does an excellent job in making it easy to follow the process that led to the rise of for-profit colleges and exactly why that they do is so predatory. There were several "wow" moments where you just rock back, amazed at how boldly these companies rip off people who are already at a disadvantage and how hardly anyone, especially among elected lawmakers (on both side of the aisle) who receive gigantic campaign contributions from these companies, seems willing to stop them. It isn't all hopeless, though. The documentary also highlights how good community colleges are in actually doing the things for-profits claim to do, and opened my eyes to how much supporting them is one of the most effective, helpful things we can do to support higher education in this county. This is a really great, insightful documentary that exposes truths about a terrible industry. I highly recommend it and am grateful to the filmmakers for doing this work and the people featured in the documentary for sharing their knowledge and experiences.

Reviewed by AziziOthmanMY 5 / 10

Evil Backstory of Student Loans

Education is a must in today's world unfortunately some organizations treat you like garbage and getting paid at the same time. This documentary brings you to the dark world of student loans showcasing the people who prey on the weak and the poor.

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