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Vera Farmiga as Grace
Rose Byrne as Jenna
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by movieman6-413-929510 5 / 10

Film that tries to bring autism into the spotlight, but does not succeed due to messy aspects.

Ezra is a new comedy drama directed by Tony Goldwyn. This is his return as a film director since the 2010 film Conviction, because since 2010 he has directed more TV episodes and has also been more active as an actor. He also plays a role in this film. Furthermore, this film is based on a true story.

Max (Bobby Cannavale) tries to make ends meet as a stand-up comedian, but only performs in the local bar. This is why he still lives with his father Stan (Robert De Niro). He is also in contact with his ex-wife Jenna (Rose Byrne), with whom he has an autistic son Ezra (William A. Fitzgerald). Max incorporates all these things from his life into his comedy act.

When doctors prescribe special medication to help Ezra with his autism, Max thinks this is nonsense, which causes him to end up in a disagreement with the doctor. For example, Max is not allowed to see Ezra for a while, but when he hears that he can perform on TV, he needs his son as a support and a symbol of good luck. So he takes Ezra with him, but without further consultation with Jenna. In this way he actually only gets himself into more trouble.

The film crew seems to be trying to make autism more important with this film. In this way they try to show how a child with autism can go through life. They also show how people, such as family and friends, try to deal with someone with autism. In this film they also explore the different forms of autism and other similar disorders such as OCD, anger problems and control freak symptoms. By treating all these different disorders in about 100 minutes, focus is somewhat lost. It can therefore remain somewhat unclear about which symptoms and disorders the film is really trying to focus on.

These unclear aspects might have been more prevalent if they had looked back at the final story more precisely. Furthermore, the balance between the comedy and drama sides is also somewhat chaotic, so it is not always clear whether this film is trying to be more of a comedy or drama. Ultimately, no one is perfect and everyone has their own burdens and worries, which means mistakes can be made.

Despite these unclear, chaotic aspects, the actors manage to perform well in the film. For William A. Fitzgerald, this is only his first acting work in a film and yet he manages to perform well as a child with autism. Bobby Cannavale also gives a good performance as a caring father, but who sometimes seems more concerned with his own budding comedy career and therefore forgets his autistic son. Furthermore, his character also seems to have some autistic traits and also has a short fuse. Rose Byrne also plays a caring mother well, who can be a bit too protective around her autistic son. Other cast members such as Robert De Niro, Vera Farmiga and Whoopi Goldberg also play well-supported supporting roles.

Reviewed by nader_gorgi 7 / 10

'Good movie' expectations met

Well done, well scripted movie that tugs at the heart strings. The IMDB current synopsis (09/09) is totally off. In a cast of heavy hitters, the novice kid playing Ezra steals the show. The script is inspired by a true story, sometimes poignant, sometimes heavy handed, with well timed and well delivered levity. Casting was great with a few surprises, including Whoopi Goldberg, Rainn Wilson and Vera Farmiga, who played smaller but important roles to the story. Tony Goldwyn directed and was in the movie, which was written by his life long friend. It's the story of an autistic child, family struggle, divorced parents, understanding the past, vulnerability and a bit of redemption along the way.

Reviewed by skaterryan12 8 / 10

Heartwarming Film

I saw this as part of the AMC Unseen screening and to my shock I had never heard of this film before. Typically being the movie fan that I am I tend to hear about a lot of movies, but somehow this one slipped through the cracks. I was very skeptical when the movie had the intro from Tony Goldwyn, but did a super quick IMDb search to see who was in it and figured it would be good. Boy am I glad I decided to see this screening because it was very good. I am not parent, but watching this movie made me think of what would my dad do in this situation. The movie is very heartwarming. Bobby Canavale and the rest of the star studded cast help make this seemingly dramatic plot line into a very enjoyable dramedy. I really enjoyed this movie and hope to everyone will give this movie a chance.

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