Action / Drama / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 47%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47% · 500 ratings
IMDb Rating 6.4/10 10 12547 12.5K


Top cast

Sara Tomko as Minnie
Ty Simpkins as Young Anthony
Sasha Roiz as Tom
Richard Riehle as Father Riley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MrMacBeth 7 / 10

Something flawed in IMDb's rating system

This is a at least a 6 or 7/10. Before viewing, I thought all the user reviews down here were the writer under various guises trying to bump the film up! I thought what low budget trash is this! Pathetic! But - No. They are real people who are baffled at the current low (5/10) rating. I cannot say I blame them - IMDb ratings lately seem as about as honest as a 9 dollar note.

The insertion of the main character trapped in the foggy memories of the heroin user's mind for 4 years, trying to escape means the film runs through twists and turns in the plot aka the junkies mind and relationships and past horrific memories (robbing his own dad at gunpoint for example) is a reasonable plot - OK - It would have been far better if the junkie was much more of a dark character instead of a pathetic one - but the plot still moves along, and it's low budget doesn't hamper it.

Sure - it's nowhere near a 8 or 9, which I would say 'Limitless' is (in the same sort of apples to apples comparison - the same genre), or even another 'Inception' but certainly a decent watch.

Reviewed by llarian-2 7 / 10

Great little independent movie

A little slow to get started but stick with it for 20 mins and you won't be disappointed.

Without giving spoilers, the ending was a little "by the numbers" and I might have preferred a twist of some kind rather than a straight resolution. In saying that, though, certainly doesn't deserve anything less than a 6.

There's certainly potential for a sequel here and the ending I'm thinking of would have lent itself to that. No matter, though,

A very creditable early full-length work by Nir Paniry, who should now try his hand at something even larger-scale.

Reviewed by omarh92 7 / 10

Indeed an excellent indie sci-fi film

IMDb's recommendation seems to be working well since this is where I found this film. As an avid sci-fi fan, a regular indie film watcher, I can most certainly say this is indeed an excellent film.

When I read the plot, the first that came on my mind was Chris Nolan's Inception, and I love movies with themes of the human mind. Of course this film is different from Inception in so many ways, but Extracted is not a let down. What can also amaze you is, you can tell this film had a low budget, but it was done very well, and looks very professional.

The film starts slow but progresses well. Cast is good, all actors and actresses played their parts well, plot is great, ending is great.

It is true some things may not make sense in the film, but that is why the genre is sci-fi, where things that don't make sense are explained at its best.

Extracted is a great movie. Highly underrated, but excellent.

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