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Tom Hiddleston as Jamie Macmillan
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Reviewed by DiscoVinyl 5 / 10

Even the Masturbating is boring

I love art films don't get me wrong but this is just a plain bore.

Even the female leads two attempts at masturbation don't titillate. Furthermore they don't add anything to the story either. Though, I do enjoy the scene where she plays with the blinds nude. That at least had something visually striking to it.

Honestly I'd be surprised if this filmmaker will get financing to ever make a film again.

The neighborhood is clearly the most attractive thing about the film. The house and it's furnishings are obviously posh and eye-catching so in effect they are the most important thing about this film. But these two aspects a film doesn't make.

Reviewed by colmack-27604 6 / 10

Like an impressionist painting

Reminiscent of an impressionist painting or a play by Harold Pinter, characters and plot are not spelt out and the viewer has to put in a little effort to understand. It's not mainstream and you won't enjoy it if that's what you're looking for. However it makes rewarding viewing if you don't mind giving serious thought into what you're seeing on the screen.

Reviewed by juleph 7 / 10

House on the Hill

I'm not sure why the first reviewer felt the need to attack Hogg personally and trash her aesthetic. Her removed, mesmeric method of filming people in relationships isn't for everyone, but she will appeal to viewers interested in unconventional approaches and who appreciate not having characters' emotions spelled out at every step.

As with her earlier film Archipelago, the characters reveal themselves solely through their actions and speech in a context of mundane everyday life, but Exhibition ventures into fantasy/dream-state in a way that helps expose the inner reality of D, the wife who seems almost trapped in a house that is as much a character as its human inhabitants.

Something happened at one point that we are not privy to, but it has deeply affected D. One could say that she and the house are haunted, and it acts as a defining structure for her relationship with her husband H. Its spaces are strictly defined as to who lives where, as both artists work next to, but separate from, each other.

We are given glimpses of each through short interactions, attempts at lovemaking, and H's sense of control contrasted with D's retreat. She seems passive and self-protective, and their decision about the house will change everything.

The movie may be considered "boring" by people addicted to action, or who can't stand having negative space where an explanation "should" be. The film isn't slowly paced, but as with her other films, the spaces between are as important as what the characters say. Get acquainted with Hogg's work and be surprised at how affecting it is.

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