Executive Protection

2001 [SWEDISH]

Action / Crime / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.3/10 10 4696 4.7K


Top cast

Lennart Hjulström as Sellberg
Alexandra Rapaport as Pernilla
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AKS-6 5 / 10

Okay Swedish action flick

A Swedish action flick that actually works? Is that possible? Well, this movie _almost_ works. While the last twenty minutes or so of Livvakterna are very suspenseful and full of action, the 1.5 hours leading up to those minutes are merely okay. The scene where Krister Henriksson's character explains the first, second, and third crime waves is actually incredibly bad, almost embarrassing to have to watch. The acting? For the most part the acting is better than one might expect from an ordinary action movie, but some performances are not very good at all. However, Livvakterna is rather entertaining, and the last twenty minutes are quite good so I'll give this film a 5 out of 10. If you ask me, I'd say that the director's first movie -- Noll tolerans -- was better than this one.

Reviewed by spj-4 9 / 10

a great thriller I chanced upon, called "Executive Protection" in Australia

Well! What a pleasant surprise I chanced on when I crossed the dial to find this Swedish movie on channel SBS! A quality production for a QUALITY channel!!

This is a GREAT thriller! It has much drama but with solid plot underlying it! Several scenes in this are riveting & thoughtfully provoking! The background setting & human foibles & flawed decisions make for a gripping finale!

There is violence & bloodshed, but it is not lacking in reality in such depictions or desperate situations! ... Well portraying the confused emotions of those who are victims! ... As well as those who ruthlessly attack without fairness or compassion or intent other than self-advantage!!!

This is compelling viewing! I had intended to split my viewing between 2 other programs FAR less enthralling!! ... I found this instead!

Reviewed by Rammstein-2 7 / 10

Good... and Swedish!

The world is awash with awful police movies, and Sweden has contributed some to this fact. "Livvakterna" (The Bodyguards) is a fresh new attempt at the Swedish police thriller, and actually succeeds. The victim of a Russian mafia scam, Sven Persson (Fröler) is blackmailed by some mercenary ex-Stasi super-criminal and his gang. When Persson refuses to pay up, well... you know the drill. Nothing really revolutionary. Meanwhile, former police investigator Johan Falk quits the force because he is ostracized by his superiors (again, nothing new) and joins a team of bodyguards to back his old pal Sven Persson up against the mafia gang.

No new twists and turns, the same old story. Then why is it good? Well, the characters are believable, the performances are good, and there is something different about Swedish action-thriller flicks. This one is far more violent than most, but is still kept at a fairly decent level, no tremendous explosions and stuff, just plain shooting, car chasing through the Swedish forest (very nice) and then shooting some more before the quite exciting finale. Of course, in line with tradition, there's a lot of looking confused, grim, confused again and then very, very dedicated before the good guys win (oh, gimme a break, that's not a spoiler).

Performances are fine, except for maybe Alexandra Rapaport who should just stay away from this kind of film for she is clearly not cut out for it. The action itself is believable and even cool at some points. So, all in all, a good action movie. And Swedish at that.

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