2023 [DANISH]

Action / Crime / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tinagchristensen 5 / 10

Not good but not unwatchable.

The start of the movie is actually promising and the scary parts thankfully without the tiresome jumpscares, a little too graphic for some, but the movie delivered in the murder scenes. That's a plus these days and you don't have to wait for it either. I initially thought the actors were playing under standard, but they are subtle to a point that is either frustrating or fulfilling to the viewer. They play better than most reviews are saying. Not Oscar performance but not horrible either. The direction is to blame for this strange mixture of relaxed ambience in a highly intense horror story. Yes predictable, yes the script was full of cliches, yes the ending was highly improbable, show me a movie in the streaming productions that are significantly better. But at least it wasn't boring, the worst crime of all to the audience. On a rainy afternoon with hot chocolate on the sofa, this movie is okay entertainment.

Reviewed by randahl-935-28881 4 / 10

Truly disappointing script

This movie is beautifully filmed with good locations, great lighting, well chosen locations, and more. Many of the actors play quite well, but the script leaves a lot to be desired.

The characters have depth, and that great, but the script is extremely depressive and there is zero humor to balance it out. I do not mind dark moods in a movie, but the themes in this movie are like a bottomless pit of sadness.

Overall, I would have rated this 6/10, but the film is extremely violent almost as if the writer is more interested in shocking the audience than to deliver a good story. And near the end, the script falls apart, the story looses realism and everything just stops making sense.

Reviewed by / 10

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