Emmanuelle: First Contact


Action / Comedy / Romance / Sci-Fi

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Krista Allen as Emmanuelle
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Reviewed by Normy18 4 / 10


I just have to comment on this movie because I gave it a 4 rating, and in my opinion that's pretty high for a softporn smut movie. The actual plot is kind of hokey (who would expect otherwise) but Hafron is so incredibly funny, and he delivers everything in a cyborgish voice so it's easy for him. Whoever wrote the script had some wit definitely! I must have laughed out loud ten times, and that's not a reason anyone would pick up this movie. The only softporn movie I've seen which had any merit other than beautiful women (and believe me, Emmanuelle is drop dead gorgeous...just look at the cover!)

Any movie that can entertain me considering how poor the plot was and how bad the acting is, also considering the movie wasn't made to artistically entertain, so to speak, it gets at least a four in my book. I mean, who wouldn't watch this before Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot?

Reviewed by Scoopy 1 / 10

Beware ....

This is not a new film. It is a re-cut of 1994's "Emmanuelle, Queen of the Galaxy", and it has been significantly truncated. Warning: Many characters appear in the credits that have been cut from the movie!

If you want to see this one in its original form, pick up "Queen" - avoid this one at all costs, as the cuts make it even choppier than it was originally.

Reviewed by VetteRanger 6 / 10

Sci Fi Sex

Emanuelle, Queen of the Galaxy was a soft core series that ran on Cinemax several years ago.

Altho it had good looking girls baring all, and frequently, the acting was pretty stilted, and the effects often, of course, just silly.

There are many of these soft core series that are better, namely Bedtime Stories, Thrills, Pleasure Zone, and Beverly Hill Bordello.

If you just have to have a bit of sci fi with your soft core, I guess you could stand this. Of course, its not that likely to be rerun at this point, and I wouldn't go out of may way to pay for DVDs if that is ever an option.

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