Emma and Eddie: A Working Couple


Documentary / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by srijan-94148 7 / 10

Read my bullet points review..

Great one time watch..

Decent documentary..

Great direction..

Great editing..

Great work by DOP..

Nice chemistry between duo..

Shows both highs & lows of a relationship..

Shows both highs & lows of cam industry.. ie dealing with all flirting & polygamy..

Missing the downfall & pregnancy arc..(obviously because of covid)

Agreed that both are scarred in their own ways..

Watching such documentaries gives me second thought on marriage that it is so easily breakable these days.

But please someone tell her that people are beautiful naturally. No fillers need to make you more beautiful. She started to look hideous after the surgery.

Reviewed by mmabis 1 / 10

One of Those Rambling, Boring (And Baseless) Documentaries

This is just another one of those boring documentaries that's more akin to that situation where someone is in need of some cash, and is ALSO DESPERATE for fame and attention, but yet cannot seem to really get traction and a foothold in today's plethora of Social Media Influencers (and even not amongst just "general, everyday Social Media Users"), so they decide to try their hand at making a documentary about something they, from their own, first person, subjective opinion and/or point of view and/or standpoint, deem and view as "significant" or "interesting," in their lives in an attempt to gain that fame, fortune, attention, traction, and foothold that they are so desperately seeking, and what they end up producing is basically akin to an overly produced home movie. After listening to the lead "stars"/couple, Eddie & Emma, ramble on and on, about nothing really, the documentary completely lost my interest only 8 minutes in. Begrudgingly forcing myself to try to finish watching it and forcing myself to somewhat pay attention to it, the end of the documentary was finally upon me, and I was able to officially, formally validate that in addition to this documentary being amateurish, rambling, boring, and an extremely desperate & very thirsty attempt at grabbing fame and fortune for Eddie & Emma, it was completely pointless and baseless...nothing more than incessant rambling on and on.

Reviewed by captaindonut-90622 10 / 10

Authentic documentary

This movie is absolutely amazing and I do not understand the negative reviews. In my opinion, this documentary stands out for its authenticity and excellent humor. The story of Emma and Eddie illustrates both the rewards and the challenges associated with the cam industry. While the flow of the movie might not be flawless, this imperfection adds to its genuine feel. Many movies boast perfect production values but lack authenticity. This documentary, however, embraces its rawness, making it more relatable and real. I highly recommend watching it to experience its unique charm and insightful narrative for yourself.

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