Dysfunctional Friends


Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 5.0/10 10 939 939


Top cast

Stacy Keibler as Storm
Persia White as Trenyce
Meghan Markle as Terry
Meagan Good as Ms. Stevens
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mystikal104 5 / 10

Nearly knocks it out of the park.

I was curious about this film back when the trailer had come out, and it got lost in the back of my mind. I finally got a chance to see the movie and was quite entertained. Wouldn't say it was underrated...it was just on par with what I was expecting.

Nine friends living their own separate lives are re-united when a close friend unexpectedly passes away. Upon attending his funeral, they are informed that they are all bound to receive a huge inheritance from the friend on one condition: they have to live together for one week in the deceased friend's house, and should anybody choose to leave before the week is done, then they all forfeit the inheritance.

Dysfunctional friends boasts a cast of who's who in black entertainment. Stacey Dash is a beauty to behold, and she seems to stay young with age. Wesley Jonathan and Hosea Chanchez were interesting to watch, though the latter's character didn't seem all that much different from the character he plays in "The Game", so it was a really easy role for him to play. Terrell Owens was quite impressive, not the best, but left me impressed as the over-possesive athlete. Stacey Keibler, while easy to look at on the eyes, did not seem to jump out much in her role. Jason Weaver's character is truly the comic relief of the film. Reagan Preston's character was truly an annoying one, so very well acted. Christian Keyes is humorous as the suspected gay model. While I was bummed that their roles were not bigger, it was pleasant to see Meagan Good, Tatyana Ali and Essence Atkins in the movie.

There were two roles here really that did not really warrant being there, but I guess they served their purpose in a useless way. I felt the character's of Storm and Stylz were not really needed in this flick. I would say they were more there to escalate the situation that these friends had with each other.

I have to say Mr. Grant definitely had a challenge ahead of himself, trying to combine nine lives within a 120 minute picture. He pulled it off only to a certain point. Certain characters backstories would have been helpful while the backstories that were provided weren't fleshed out enough. And of course the plot was predictable. But nonetheless, the film was quite enjoyable to watch.

Also, while it was a mouth watering sight to see, am I the only one to think Meagan Good's attire at the end left too much to the imagination? For an attorney nonetheless?

Reviewed by mlemle62 5 / 10

Typical, cliché, a little slow for today's audience but...

Look we've all seen cheesy movies. This could be worse. At least it employed some Black folks. I think movies have one of three types.

Hollywood Happy Ending, Shakespeare Tragedy, or WTF? (trying to make you think, but about what is always the issue)

I would have had the ending where their time together caused them to help each other. The ending this story has was not as plausible. And even though my way you would have seen an hour into the movie at least it would have been more believable.

Good Luck. Medea's family it ain't. Favorite line: "not gonna happen dot com." said by my favorite character too.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 6 / 10

You look like Meagan Good

When rich guy Dennis dies, he leaves "something" in his will for his college friends if they all spend 5 days together in his house. We have seen these type of impracticable "will" movies before. The characters include a washed up rapper who still thinks he has a career, a film star who does direct to DVD movies, a porno director, a business man cheating on his wife, A male model, a couple of gold diggers, a women engaged to an athlete and a sports writer who still loves said woman. Ebony (Reagan Gomez-Preston) is the chief antagonist in this group of friends which you wonder how they ever put up with each other in the first place. Dennis was apparently the glue that held the group together. Meagan Good, which is billed as a star in the film has a minor role and is not part of the group.

The first 2 days they spend together, the acting and dialouge are horrible. If you can make it into day 3 the movie starts to get interesting, as if a new writer and cast were hired. Even TO did well. The problem is I couldn't connect with any of the characters, who were introduced late, so when things are supposed to get interesting, I was bored. Days 3 and 4 showed promise and gave us material for the climatic dinner at day 5 which returned to the terrible dialouge of earlier.

There was a feel good ending.

F-bomb, no sex, no nudity, sex talk.

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