Downtown Owl


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 44% · 16 reviews
IMDb Rating 4.8/10 10 505 505

Top cast

Lily Rabe as Julia
Ed Harris as Horace Jones
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10


It's 1983. New teacher Julia Rabia (Lily Rabe) arrives in the tiny town of Owl, North Dakota. She is befriended by talkative fellow teacher Naomi (Vanessa Hudgens) who brings her to the local bar. She falls for bison farmer Vance Druid (Henry Golding). She is befriended by longtime resident Horace Jones (Ed Harris). There is an inappropriate teacher-student relationship and a surprise snowstorm.

I really like Lily Rabe. More and more, she reminds me of her mother. They have the same style and comedic tones. I like almost everybody here although a couple of them are trying too hard. It's quirky middle America. The story is too scattered. The main plot should be the underaged student affair. Julia should have more time with the quarterback and get more involved with that subplot. As for the snowstorm, it seems rather anti-climatic and a bit of a fake-out. I like this cast but the story needs work.

Reviewed by mfjtownsend 1 / 10

Pointless and Stupid

If you're going to have the storm of the century don't show characters walking in the snow afterwards when it doesn't even come up to the bottom of their boots. Just one example of the pointless stupidity of this movie. Another is a football team in the locker room with about five players. It goes on and on.

Hardly anyone in the movie seems remotely real. And despite their efforts you would have a hard time caring about what happens to any of them. At the end of the movie when the newspaper shows that one of them dies, you will probably go, "Huh, who cares," and go directly to IMDB to give it a poor review.

Reviewed by carline23 1 / 10

Two words: hot mess

I wanted like this film, I really did. But there is something to be said for, "just because you can, doesn't mean you should" here, all the way around.

Age swapping Julia and Naomi in order to allow Lily Rabe to star and "showcase her acting" was not wise. Most of her scenes I found completely over the top, the breakdown on the football field was not a "career best", it was straight up embarrassing. Julia was in her 20s in the book, fresh out of college with no where else to go, and that setup works so much better than the concept of a 40-year-old woman moving across country to a tiny town for a single semester because her husband is working on his thesis?!

So much of the story felt incomplete, and yet somehow managed to be so boring at the same time. 41 minutes in and I paused the film to see how much time was left and then groaned to discover there was a lot more to go. Too many characters were thrown in for inclusions sake because they were in the book, like Naomi's faux "boyfriend" Ted, who really had zero purpose except to tell her at the end that she's not a good listener. Justice for Ted, he deserved better. The high school kids were the best part of the movie, and they were all so underdeveloped. Why bother creating these secondary characters for little to no reason?

I have so many questions about the directors' choices on what to add/subtract from the original plot. Why was the coach having a torrid affair with a student made such a central point and how is it realistic that the whole town just accepts that he does this repeatedly? It amounts to absolutely nothing. No resolution, no Laidlaw getting his. And Julia proclaiming, "but what if she really loves him?!" Yikes.

All the criticisms I've read from professionals are spot on. The tone is all over the place, weird 4th wall breaks that do not work, cartoons and hot pink type thrown in, and no, the directors claiming they just "like weird" and the rest of us "don't get it", is not a valid reason. The entire blizzard scene, the climax of the film: dramatic music, weird monologuing and ultimately changing the original ending...was it supposed to be so bad it was silly?! I honestly could not tell. "I'm saving your life, man!" Cringe.

These two should really just focus on their own acting careers rather than keep trying to force this 2fer to happen. It never goes well. As someone on letterboxd said, no one self-sabotages their career better than Lily Rabe and subsequently, Hamish Linklater's.

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