Down the Chimney with a Shotgun


Action / Horror

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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 2 / 10

Oh dear God...

Right, well I have to admit that I wasn't exactly harboring a whole lot to this 2022 movie titled "Down the Chimney With a Shotgun". But since it was a movie that I had not already seen, much less even heard about, of course I opted to sit down and give writer and director Ryan Cavalline's movie a fair chance.

The storyline in the movie was simplistic. Nothing outstanding or particularly memorable. Had I known that this was a horror anthology, I might have skipped on it, as I have an aversion towards horror anthologies. Why? Well, they tend to be pretty bad. And in all fairness, I have seen worse scripts in other movies, so that at least counted for something in favor of writer and director Ryan Cavalline's effort here.

Needless to say that I wasn't familiar with the cast ensemble in the movie, but the acting performances in "Down the Chimney With a Shotgun" were bad. So very, very bad. It was like watching Amateur Night at the local middle school. And that definitely took away from the overall enjoyment of the movie.

The special effects in the movie were dubious. Especially the blood spray, that was just laughably bad.

Well, at least they were trying their best, I suppose. But as for "Down the Chimney With a Shotgun" being an enjoyable movie, don't count of it. Some of us suffered through this, so you don't have to. You're welcome.

My rating of "Down the Chimney With a Shotgun" lands on a very generous two out of ten stars.

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