Dog Day

1984 [FRENCH]

Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 45%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45% · 100 ratings
IMDb Rating 5.8/10 10 1196 1.2K


Top cast

Tina Louise as Noémie Blue
Lee Marvin as Jimmy Cobb
Miou-Miou as Jessica
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sol-kay 5 / 10

A Dog's Tail

***SPOILERS*** After a blotched robbery with half a dozen people, including an eight year old boy, getting killed American gangster Jimmy Cobb, Lee Marvin, is on the run, with the French Police hot on his tail, in the French countryside with the couple of million dollars he heisted.

Burying the money in a nearby wheat field Jimmy doesn't realize that he's been spotted by 13 year-old Chim,David Bennent, who's got big plans for himself in becoming the towns next Godfather. Drgging up the money when Jimmy was still on the run Chim replaces it with a bag full of rocks and uses most of it to party around town, like drinking booze smoking cigars and carousing around with hookers, thus throwing suspicion on himself. Back at Chim's family's farm where Jimmys hiding out the man of the house, I'm not quite sure what relationship he has to Chim, the piggish and coarse Horace-Victor Lanoux-is busy abusing, whom I assume is Chim's older sister, his wife Jessica,Miou-Miou. It's in this strange and dangerous environment that the fugitive Jimmy Cobb finds himself in.

It doesn't take that long for Horace's family that includes his always drunk brother Socrate, Jean Carmet, and nymphomaniac sister Segolene, Bernadette Lafont, to discover Jimmy and hold him hostage until the police arrive with them getting a fat reward for his capture. It's later when the greedy Horace decides to get Jimmy to tell him where he hid the millions of dollars he stole, and keep it all for himself, that things begin to get a bit crazy at the Horace Farm. Crazy enough to have Jimmy want not only to be capture but even end up dead in order to avoid being stuck with the Horace crew! Which to Jimmy would be a fate far worse then death itself!

A number of side plots in the movie have to do with Horace and his wife Jessica trying to use Jimmy as a scapegoat in crimes that they themselves plan and end up committing. This in both Horace & Jessica knowing that that the fugitive from the law Jimmy, not them, will end up being blamed for them. There's also the tragic domestic, or house maid, Gusta-Marguerite Muni-who's always being threaten by Horace to be sent to a nursing home. This in Horace knowing perfectly well that she's terrified of being sent there and would end up killing herself if she was.

The movie soon get completely out of hand with Jimmy, the man on the spot, getting romantically involved with Jessica who's using him as a pasty or fall guy in the planned murder of her abusive husband Horace. This all leads to Jimmy ending up murdering, as well as being framed for murdering, at least another half dozen, not including those killed in the bank holdup, persons by the time the movie is finally over!

***SPOILER ALERT*** With the money gone and him having no hope for escaping the police dragnet Jimmy's only hope now is to get himself killed and finally be put out of is misery. Even that wish on Jimmys part is in jeopardy with the Al Capone or John Gottie wannabe Chim, now calling himself Aniro De La Crouchie, wanting to capture Jimmy alive and become famous for doing it!

As it turned jimmy did deny, by personally blowing his own brains out, Chim from taking him alive but it was fun loving Doudo Doudo, Joseph Mono, the grease monkey and all around handyman at the Horace Fram who ended up with all the stolen cash. The perpetually lucky Doudo Doudo came across the stolen money, after Chim dug it up and reburied it, and thus ended up not only leaving the crazy Horace place but moving into a swanky penthouse in Paris and ended up living happily ever after.

Reviewed by Sorsimus 5 / 10

Interesting, but doesn't deliver

This is essentially a trash film that luckily does not take itself too seriously. It is well aware of its nature as entertainment and uses themes familiar from such films as "Deliverance" and "The Hills Have Eyes" in a sort of parodic context.

It features a family living in rural France where the father is a brutal and violent pervert, his brother is same but worse, the son (about 10) is following on the same track and the father's sister is a nympho. Key in lots of tasteless moments (the clubbering to death of two Swedish (topless) campers, the suicide of the grandmother when they threaten to take her to old folks' home, the spending spree of the 10 year old kid in a cathouse and so on)and what you have is a fairly entertaining exploitation picture with a European touch.

You know whether you'll like it or not! Definitely not for the fans of Lee Marvin...

Reviewed by reelreviewsandrecommendations 4 / 10

A Technical & Creative Dud

Jimmy Cobb is a tough as nails gangster on the run in France. He's got a hot couple of million with him, and the cops are on his tail. In the idyllic countryside, Cobb takes refuge at a farmhouse to plan his next move. Little does he know that his situation is about to become even more complex, for the family whose barn he's in are a depraved bunch just as bloodthirsty and cruel as he is. Will Cobb be able to escape the farmhouse with his loot before the authorities or the family- led by a malevolent and diminutive boy named Chim- stop him dead in his tracks?

Directed by Yves Boisset, 'Dog Day' is a misguided mess of a movie. The screenplay is credited to a whopping six different people, which is unsurprising considering the disjointed nature of the narrative. It feels like the six writers were all working on separate projects, which one of them tried to combine; unsuccessfully, one might add. The result is an uneasy mixture of gory violence, farcical comedy and gangster romanticism that is tonally schizophrenic and totally underwhelming. Which is not even to mention the numerous stilted lines of dialogue or the plethora of sub-plots that go nowhere, as well as the paper-thin characterization and misogynism exhibited continuously in the film.

Despite all that, 'Dog Day' does inspire rumination. Is it meant to be a commentary on the conventions and aesthetics of crime thrillers? If so, is the inclusion of cliché after cliché actually a highly calculated and brilliant move, rather than evidence that the filmmakers were bereft of any original ideas? Are they trying to satirize the genre, or pay homage to it? Is the film saying something profound about viewers' responses to violence? Does Boisset even care that audience members wonder about these things?

Sadly, putting the effort into thinking about those questions is a lot more than 'Dog Day' deserves, for it is a technical dud as well as a creative one. Jean Boffety's cinematography is ugly and uninspired, with the few interesting stylizations and sequences being stolen from other films ('Prime Cut,' most notably). Never before has such a beautiful landscape been captured with such little verve or style. Unfortunately, the underwhelming visuals are matched by Francis Lai's melodramatic score and bolstered by the cheap sound design and effects.

Were the film well-acted, the above detractions might not be so overwhelming. Alas, the performances from the cast vary wildly. Lee Marvin stars as Cobb, delivering a measured performance; though he does seem bored and exhausted throughout. One of his last cinematic outings, Marvin deserved a better project than this- and it looks like he thought the same. Miou-Miou co-stars, also doing fine work, though her role is terribly underwritten, and there is little she can do with the character. The same can be said for Jean Carmet and Tina Louise- their talents are largely wasted.

Then there is David Bennent, who the director obviously adored. A young chap of ten or so, he plays Chim; an odious little tyke who redefines the meaning of irritating. An incredibly over-the-top performer, Bennent has no screen presence to speak of, and is something of a charisma vacuum. Why his character is made the central one- and why he was cast in the first place- is thoroughly beyond understanding. As for the rest of the cast: they're no better than Bennent, and warrant no more mention than that.

A cheap-looking effort made without passion or originality, 'Dog Day' is a creative and technical travesty. Though featuring a strong performance from star Lee Marvin, even he cannot save this one from the realm of mediocrity. The cinematography is nothing to write home about, the score is overblown and many of the performances are irritating. There is really very little reason to watch it, unless you're a die-hard Marvin fan- but even then there are better ways to spend your time. In short, 'Dog Day' is underwhelming, uninspired and ugly.

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