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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Theo Robertson 1 / 10

" We Need More Virgins " No We Really Do Not

This reminded me of the SyFy Channel production REIGN OF THE GARGOYLES which is one of the companies better films even though it's only very average entertainment at best . I should at this point apologise to everyone involved in GARGOYLES because within a minute I realised I was watching something infinitely and painfully worse than anything SyFy could produce

The premise of the story involves an American special forces team being dropped in to Poland in 1944 where they are to stop a secret Nazi plan . The plan is that the Nazis are trying to raise a demonic army from Hell to win the war . Yeah okay it's not a realistic storyline and as you know the SyFy Channel sometimes do this type of movie . DEVILS OF WAR perhaps charitably is trying to emulate Italian exploitation movies of the 1970s such as SS EXPERIMENT LOVE CAMP but can't equal grade Z garbage never mind improve on it

Everything about this movie is dreadful . If it's trying to be a Tarintinoesque post modernist movie the only homage it gets right is the soundtrack which emulates spaghetti westerns . Everything else is dire and not in a so bad it's entertaining mode . I almost had fun in a 100 things I learned from this movie : One silicon breast implants were very common in Nazi Germany but felt the will to live leave before I learned of a second thing . War is Hell ? So is this movie

Reviewed by rogue9000 2 / 10

Oh please read.

You know when you start to watch a film and you wonder 'Will this be so bad that its good?' the answer to that is NO it is just BAD. The premise of the film could have worked as it is common knowledge that the Nazi party were interested in the occult. The problem is that there is so much wrong with this film,they send in a 'special' group of soldiers dressed in German uniforms so they do not stand out but then have one of the men black,oh yes the German army was well known for the amount of black troops they had and they even mention how stupid it is in the film. I am sorry but this really did seem like it was written by a 14 year old boy (hence the 2 women with large breasts) the special effects were a joke half the time (the back projection during the spy on the motorbike and the toy plane). The only thing that this film has going for it is that you can watch it to spot all the mistakes and add them on IMDb.

Reviewed by meteorus 1 / 10

Utter garbage

The cover of the DVD announces this film as "A cult classic - Iron Sky meets Outpost" so I bought it in eager anticipation. What an idiot! I can barely even begin to articulate how much this statement overstates the artistic merit of this 72 minutes of rubbish. I knew I was in trouble from the beginning with the hilarious "special effects" of the burning plane but I thought I would give it the benefit of the doubt and soldier on in the hope that it would get better. I kind of stayed with it until the hilarious back projection bit with the girl on the motorbike, which is a classic Ed Wood moment, and it was at this point my will to stay with it was seriously evaporating. Once we got to the bit with the virgin begging the soldier to relieve of her affliction in order to save herself from the Nazis I crumbled and gave up. OK, I suppose I should have carried on until the end in order to review this but I expect most people who stumble upon this cinematic train-wreck will concur with me that getting to the end of this is like having teeth pulled.

For those living in Blighty do not be tempted by the fact that it is a fiver in the bargain bin at Tesco (I expect it will remain in there for some time as I doubt there will be many takers). Take my advice if you are momentarily tempted as you trail pass the DVDs and go buy some booze instead - the experience of a fine bottle of Albanian chardonnay will be much more memorable than this film, believe me (and at least the label on the bottle probably does not misrepresent the contents).

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