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Sheila Shah as News Reporter
Madison Pettis as Ellery
Luna Blaise as Hannah
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ccda-c-ad-cecd 6 / 10

A fun watch

The movie presents a narrative that, while not revolutionary in its approach, manages to capture the viewer's interest with its central storyline. The concept of Deltopia is intriguing and is portrayed as a vibrant and energetic event, which adds a layer of excitement to the film. The main actors deliver competent performances, contributing to the film's overall appeal despite its shortcomings.

However, the technical aspects of the film, particularly the sound design, leave much to be desired. The audio mixing seems uneven, with the background ambiance almost entirely absent in several scenes. This lack of ambient sound creates an unrealistic and jarring experience, as viewers are accustomed to a certain level of environmental noise in films that adds to the realism. The moments of complete silence, except for the dialogue, detract from the immersive experience typically expected from a movie.

Moreover, there are instances where the volume levels are inconsistent, particularly during dialogues where the sound abruptly drops, disrupting the flow of conversation. This issue points to a possible lack of thorough quality assurance in the post-production phase, which is critical in ensuring a seamless audio-visual experience.

Reviewed by chancellorpr 10 / 10

"Go" for this generation

I thought it was just going to be a party movie and it was anything but. It made fun of the college frat and sorority life and had great sense of non obvious dark humor in the writing. The characters all felt real and had depth, and the performances were impressive for this genre film. I like that parents didn't make an appearance in the movie, avoiding corny unneeded predictable scenes. It's about the teens, 24hrs, coming of age. The story felt raw, grounded and relatable. It was like watching parties and experiences I went through at that age. It had strong style and tone and is a great calling card for the first time directors.

Reviewed by tommyogrodny 1 / 10


There was no plot outside of Kurt Cobain's friend wanting to have sex with some classmate on their last day of their high school graduation. They made out every scene as incredibly serious even though the main plot line is working towards a party. No coherent plot outside of the big party. The characters had no depth no development they were just high school kids looking to party.

Outside of the obvious which is fine there was unnecessary lense flare in 66% of the scenes, It's awesome that high school kids want to party but their drug dealing scene was completely realistic, being pulled over by the cops, every following struggle was ridiculous. The director of the movie should take a long look at themselves and ask where they went wrong.

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