Dealing with Dad



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Karan Soni as Gordon
Peggy Lu as Cai Shi
Ally Maki as Margaret
Danny Jacobs as Kirby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by that1jamesguy 8 / 10

A true to form telling of owning your trauma

This film really hits you over the head with the fact that the children (who are now adults) had a rough childhood. They are still dealing with that trauma today - each in their own way. But, the interesting and relatable thing is that they know this. They recognize it and are dealing with it.

When it comes time to face the source (one of them) of that trauma, tough decisions are being made. There is internal and external struggles that are not unique to just this family but can be relatable to most.

Overall, yes, this is a "comedic drama" if you will. The humor is there and it delivers. It helps to soften the stronger, darker tones being discussed. It is a good film that is easy to watch and enjoy.

Reviewed by turrou 8 / 10

Enjoyable Family Dramedy

Fun dramedy about a Chinese American family dealing with their unlikable dad becoming more likable with his bout of depression. It's a good indie, and those who enjoy fresh takes on family dynamics will enjoy this.

If you are part of a Chinese American family, you will enjoy a lot of the cultural references, (and if you're not, you'll enjoy getting a peak into some of the fun things about Chinese American families!) For that matter, if you are part of a family... then you'll enjoy this relatable story.

The director and cast do well creating a relatable family dynamic. There are not enough films about siblings, so this is a good addition to that underrepresented genre.

Reviewed by trinaboice 7 / 10

The story seems very realistic.

IN A NUTSHELL: The story is about Margaret, who reluctantly goes back to her hometown with her brothers to deal with the sudden depression of her father.

The film premiered at an Asian-American Film Festival and will definitely find its audience among Asian immigrants. It has already won an impressive number of awards!

The film was both written and directed by Tom Huang, based loosely on his personal experience and that of his Asian-immigrant friends.

One of my sons married a lovely girl from Hong Kong. Their little son is surrounded by Asian families in America where they live. I'm so grateful I've been able to go to China many times so that I can help instill a love for that rich culture in his heart.

THINGS I LIKED: The cast includes Ally Maki, Hayden Szeto, Peter S. Kim, Dana Lee, Karan Soni, Jeff Atlas, and Page Leong.

I've been trying to learn Mandarin, so it was fun to hear some of the characters in the story speak Mandarin.

Those in the Asian community will probably see a lot of familiar territory in the story. Non-Asians will get a glimpse into Asian families and their unique traditions and perspective.

The film could easily be turned into a sitcom and already feels a little like one.

The story seems very realistic.

There is a lot of humor, although not all of it landed for me.

THINGS I DIDN'T LIKE: So much yelling and fighting among the characters got on my nerves. I don't find that entertaining or funny.

I've never understood parents who complain when their adult kids don't call them. The phone works both ways.

I didn't really like any of the self-absorbed characters. They're constantly angry, snarky, and criticize each other. I'm so grateful I didn't grow up in a family like that. Neither did my husband, so we've been able to raise 4 respectful, kind sons.

I love alliteration in titles, but the name of the movie instantly reveals the attitudes of the children: they have to DEAL with their dad rather than CARE for him.

Unfortunately, the movie is forgettable.

TIPS FOR PARENTS: Profanity, including F-bombs Talk of racism Some crude conversations.

Siblings get into a fistfight.


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