Dead in 5 Heartbeats


Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 86% · 50 ratings
IMDb Rating 4.8/10 10 824 824


Top cast

Sonny Barger as Traders Bar Patron
David Della Rocco as Angelo Timmons
Aria Song as Lilac
Stephen Boss as Hooligans Member
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Unknown language 2.0
29.97 fps
1 hr 55 min
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chikanatr 6 / 10

all the dots are not connected.

Jeff Black did a great job... the script however had some holes in it. great movie, but I suspect that Sonny left out some things that would have made this much better had he not sold the original to Fox many moons ago. a lot of the acting was not good, ironically because most of the cast were real bikers. most of them probably felt quite awkward being filmed. I dunno , the message is there... but if you don't understand the life .. .you ain't ever gonna. all and all a great job with the directing and cinematography... I cannot complain. patch Kincaid shows a wide range of the human experience. the riding scenes are real.. very nice

Reviewed by pseudo_organism 1 / 10

Falsified Reviews - Unethical and Embarrassing! - Total Flop

As a biker, who has ridden with MC's, but also educated, post-graduate level, I would like to speak the truth about this movie.

The intentions and ideas behind the movie are genuine, that is true.

But, here are some major areas where the film failed: 1. the acting - the actors performances seemed contrived, trying too hard, probably from lack of training/experience, too obvious 2. the biker patches - they looked too new, no road wear and tear, made them appear like newbies, no authenticity, should have been a no-brainer, very obvious and weakens the film 3. victory motorcycles - great bike, but i don't think every MC in arizona rides victory motorcycles, unless polaris/victory suddenly achieved a monopoly status - very obvious and weakens the film 4. the script - the intent to be realistic is noted and appreciated, but the content was lacking, very cliché, very typical and looks like the writers cut and paste from action films and interviews - very lacking and weakened the film Overall, it was a good idea, but poorly produced, bad lighting, acting, and many juvenile mistakes and errors showing amateur direction, lacking professionalism I was disappointed and would NOT recommend this film or spend money to see it.

No offense to the creators, we need more movies and exposure for real MC, but let's do it the professional way, get some educated writers who have real script production experience and interview and work with real club members and then put together a much better film.

Weak film, cliché and predictable and typical. All of the positive reviews are staged and obviously false. No avid real movie goer could give this film better than a 3.

Sorry, nice try, go back to the drawing board!

Reviewed by Roger-736 3 / 10

Waste of film.

A movie about losers, written by losers. Why waste the time?

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