Dave Chappelle: The Bird Revelation



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Reviewed by TheOneThatYouWanted 9 / 10

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Thankfully this special is a lot better than the other one he released along side with this. In fact, this looks like a return to form for Dave. But yeah, I love how Dave uses these specials to drop moments of education on us. He is doing an outstanding job of helping to socially reform society. And he does not hold back. When he talks about the neo-women rights movement, he is just being honest. He does not want it to burn out or be some kind of trend. This is beside the point but look at what is happening right now; Hollywood's business as usual is the reason why so many women were treated as third class citizens but now they are trying to get it twisted and hijack the movement and play it off like they are part of the solution. I just hope women don't fall for it. There is an underlining problem people are not allowed to talk about but the day is rapidly approaching when the term "freedom of speech" is no longer restricted.

Reviewed by sdente-57411 9 / 10

Provocative, Unflinching, Funny... In short, Chappelle.

The life of an iconoclastic comedian is not easy. You surf dangerous waves -- Mavericks-sized -- to the point break. Maybe you can be funny with airplane and 'men are from mars' jokes, but what you really want to talk about is the stuff that grates at you, that makes your audience just a little squeamish, that makes you just a little unpopular. In his most intimate special to date, Chappelle handles hot coals with bare hands, dishing the jokes lesser comedians wished they had the talent to write and the balls to actually say. Even edgy comedians perform a practiced progressivism that doesn't dare go beyond the buoys, even if it appears on the surface as raunchy or blue. Ours is a time when what you say is used against you in the court of public opinion, an exceedingly clamorous, outraged, offended, and craven entity. I can only say that I am glad that Chappelle has not acceded to the standard to which most now resign themselves. Still, as a comedian, one dictate looms large above the rest: Be funny. And man does he deliver.

Reviewed by Quinoa1984 9 / 10

Should provide excellent re-watch value

What I like about this one - its small club setting making things low key and like he's there just having a conversation with us - is also what keeps it somewhat minor compared to the first New Year's special.

This could change on a second viewing though; highlights include Louis CKs "freckled p***is"; the most compelling argument (maybe once and for all) about why Michael Jackson's allegations were unfounded due to how he showed off his place to the kids; and a complex story about a cold pimp in France in the 40s who he connects in a long and winding way as to why he quit the Chappelle Show and kept a lower profile (that second one is partially why I need to watch it again to let that story sink in more).

Chappelle is still a master here, just more about a lower energy for the most part than usual. It's real and introspective too; if you are expecting the typical stand up you may either get disappointed or thrown off. if you've ever been to an intimate space for comedy, Chappell delivers that. It's like you're there.

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