Dard Divorce


Drama / Horror / Thriller


Top cast

Jaymes Butler as Detective Phil Warren
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Saturnfly 3 / 10

One of the worst movies, with some of the best gore

For starters this movie to me, seemed like it was shot by a twelve year old. The actors (if you can call them actors) were very ameturist, illogical and entirely unbelievable. The story dragged on, it was strange and a lot of the parts should have really been cut.

However... I think on some level, the director's idea was idealistic and original, he could have done this film brilliantly if he had a well prepared and experienced cast.

Now for what I actually saw the movie for, the gore... It was terrific, I was disgusted by every minute of it. Blood, limbs and protruding intestines, brilliant!

Reviewed by dschmeding 1 / 10

This is a joke or not??

Dear Mr. Ittenbach... you are an important part of the German horror movie scene and I give you credit for that. Although I am not a big fan of the later movies like "Beyond the limits" you sure progressed as a director.

With this movie I wonder why anyone would waste their time to produce something like this.

1. The main actress is ridiculous. Either make a German movie or an English one but don't put someone who can't either act nor speak proper English in the lead role of a movie in English language. The whole "my parents came from Germany to the USA"-thing was a real cheap try to cover this and its absolutely unimportant to the plot.

2. If you go for a tough mafia/drug gangster environment like in "Beyond the limits" at least make sure that the shoot outs don't have everyone laughing while getting shot and the shooters acting like in a cartoon.

3. If you want to go for the pathetic torture-porn style please stick to it and don't mush it into a story like this that falls apart on all sides.

4. Someone should really slap your editor ... the editing was some of the worst I have seen in a while. The telephone scenes with the endless dissolves were hurting my eyes.

5. While you are at slapping people please slip your sound mixer even harder (altough I guess thats also the editors mistake). If you have people with uninteresting monologues and put ridiculously loud and bad music on top so you barely hear anything i wonder if the movie was edited on crack.

6. The Effects were great as always and the cinematography was way too good for the many other flaws that could be forgiven in a school project but not in such a movie.

So please... either make trashy and gory movies or try on the more serious stuff but this looks like you don't know where the hell you want to go. At least I learned that "dard" is Persian for "pain" and believe me... this movie was pure dard for my eyes,ears and brain.

Reviewed by hexrei 3 / 10

Worst audio mixing I've heard in a long time

Everything the two reviews above me has said are correct. Outside of some excellent gore/torture scenes, it's just a bad film.

I just wanted to add that the sound mixing was really, really terrible. The music was nowhere near good enough to overwhelm the film which it began to do about halfway through. There were some scenes where the music was so loud I literally couldn't hear what the actors were saying.

Of course that wasn't such a bad thing because the dialogue was terrible. It sounded like it was written by someone with a very tenuous grasp of English, perhaps learned via Baywatch reruns. All in all, don't bother unless you love gore and torture films, because that's what most of this film is.

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