Cyborg Soldier


Action / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 15%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 15% · 100 ratings
IMDb Rating 4.3/10 10 1171 1.2K


Top cast

Bruce Greenwood as Simon Hart
Addison Holley as Young Girl
Tiffani Thiessen as Lindsey Reardon
Aaron Abrams as Tyler Voller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Scarecrow-88 5 / 10

Cyborg Soldier

Isaac escapes from an installation, after dispatching security personnel, and his creator, scientist Simon Hart, is after him. Isaac is a "regenerative human", whose synthetic skin can withstand multiple nine millimeter slugs buried into his chest(Simon calls him bullet resistant)..this derives from the evolution in nanotechnology(Hart, with great enthusiasm, affectionately labels him a "nano robot"). Isaac's memory has been erased and he feels no pain or emotion. He commandeers a deputy's car(and insists she stay with him until he says otherwise)and flees after a confrontation with Hart's dangerous hired goons, equipped with hi-tech weaponry. You could rename this movie "Isaac's Run" for "Cyborg Soldier" is essentially a road/chase movie with our duo attempting to evade capture from both the local police, Simon and a member of the corporation who funds the cyborg soldier project, Janice Fraser, and Hill's "men in black"("Mr. Beck", the bald leader-in-charge, commands this group, kind of an "efficiency expert" who creates and cleans up the messes which could interfere with his boss' efforts). Richard Franklin is very much robotic in performance, as he should be since Isaac is, in essence, a blank supersoldier whose memory was wiped clean(..though, the movie reveals memories returning, slight images coming back in fragments), with Tiffani Thiessen as his "prisoner", deputy Lindsey Reardon, who eventually helps him identify who he was before. Bruce Greenwood, as cold-hearted and determined scientist Hart, whose experiments have finally become a success, is an effective villain, willing to do whatever it takes, no matter the cost, to see that his work remains undisturbed, while Wendy Anderson , as Fraser, sees Simon's handiwork, first hand, after Mr. Beck and his men gun down police officers searching for Reardon, dedicating herself to stopping his operation. Beck had Reardon's gun placed at the scene of their murder of her boyfriend deputy to implicate her for their crime. For a movie titled "Cyborg Soldier", there's not as much action as you'd expect. A small scale set piece here and there involving some hand-to-hand combat, one major shootout, and the major climax at the end as Isaac confronts Hart, with all hell breaking loose, as Reardon follows along, seeing for herself the facility's rooms where the experiments took place. Nothing you haven't seen before regarding a superhuman soldier with superior powers and the cold-blooded scientist willing to kill anyone who stands in his way..Greenwood, to his credit can play the unapologetic a$$hole with the best of them. Nice Canadian locations and a competent cast help a rather formulaic plot slightly. No great shakes, but no that bad, either..just not really all that memorable, especially in regards to this particular sub-genre. My favorite scene, also ripped off from, I believe Universal Soldier, has Isaac removing bullets from his chest with a knife as a queazy Reardon looks on.

Reviewed by spamara_369 2 / 10

No comment

I am not sure... Is this movie some bad joke or what... Cyborg Soldier who in fact isn't cyborg soldier, only man that pretend that is a cyborg soldier and tries to do some face impressions like Arnold in Terminator? Or this is just some lame "Terminator like" movie? From the beginning you can sense that there will be no mystery, just some pump ride action and shooting. This B grade movie has nothing new to offer, low scenario, my stomach turns upside down when I see its used in this movie, as well as in million others to. Acting... my goodness... is that a good word for describing the actors? They sucked at all levels...

Why is this movie made? If you ask me, I would say "I don't know." Its like million others B ratted movies, nothing innovative, after hour and a half watching you would regret for spending that time useless... But if you wish action without thinking, when you know the ending after 20 minutes, with not so good acting and every move predictable, then this is movie for you!

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 3 / 10

That was it?...

Hand on heart, then I must admit that I had little expectations, if any at all, to "Cyborg Soldier". I mean, everything here just screams low budget and questionable movie, from storyline to the list of cast talents appearing on the cast list.

The story in "Cyborg Soldier" is about a genetically enhanced person, a cyborg of sorts, who escapes the confines of the research facility where he was created and kept captive. In the outside world he has a run in with a local sheriff and teams up with her to avoid capture by the very same people who created him.

Right, nothing new or overly thrilling about the storyline or plot here. And there most certainly is nothing new to be had here, that haven't already been seen in other similar Sci-Fi inspired movies.

And as for the acting, well let's just say that it has Tiffani Thiessen in a leading role, and that needs no further explanation, you know what I am getting to here. And alongside her was actor Rich Franklin, whom I can't claim to be familiar with at all. Aside from Tiffani Thiessen, then the only familiar faces I saw were Bruce Greenwood and Jim Annan.

It didn't take long before I found my attention directed to the mobile phone and not on the actual events on the screen, because the movie just didn't come off as being interesting or captivating in any sense. And scarily enough, then you don't really have to be paying attention to the screen in order to keep up with the events of the story and how the movie turned out. Yeah, it was that generic and predictable.

The effects, although there isn't an abundance of them in the movie, were actually adequate enough, and they served their purpose well enough. However, it just wasn't particularly impressive or memorable, and definitely wasn't spectacular to really catch your attention.

This wasn't a memorable movie in any sense, and that I have seen it, I can check it off the list and I know that I will not be watching it a second time around.

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