Crocodylus: Mating Season


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Alexis Baca as Missy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 2 / 10


Needless to say that I had never actually heard about this 2023 horror comedy titled "Crocodylus: Mating Season" prior to stumbling upon it by random chance here in 2024. However, I have to say that the movie's cover was actually interesting enough, plus it being a horror comedy that I hadn't already seen, then of course I opted to sit down and watch what writer and director Stanley Pomianowski had to offer.

I can't claim that I was impressed with what writer and director Stanley Pomianowski delivered, much less were I actually entertained throughout the course of the movie. And it was quite a struggle to sit through 85 minutes that the movie ran for. But I endured, hoping the movie would pick up and become better as it crept along. That just didn't happen.

Of course I wasn't familiar with a single actor or actress on the cast list in "Crocodylus: Mating Season". But I will say that the acting performances were actually good, despite the level of rubbish that the movie turned out to be.

The special effects in "Crocodylus: Mating Season" were exactly that; special. Especially the insanely fake toy cat at the kitchen table with the bottle. Not to mention the crocodylus itself, which was nothing more than a man in an ultra fake creature suit.

This movie was bad, so very, very bad. But it wasn't bad enough to actually be a fun movie to sit through.

The movie's cover was actually the best thing about the entire ordeal.

My rating of the dumpster fire that is "Crocodylus: Mating Season" lands on a generous two out of ten stars.

Reviewed by staunton-gary 7 / 10

There was something off

Writer, director and editor, Stanley Pomianowski, actually managed to pull it off. No innuendo intended there. This isn't a silly B grade movie, it is a B grade movie, but most of it actually worked. Some additional pace direction could have bumped this movie out of the B grade group.

Jim Serrano (Dr Williams) playing the crazed "doc" was well done albeit with a couple of misses. Chuck Fusca (Harry Bates) had a few laughs and his client, Allie Glades (Rachel Comeau), provided the buddy laughs with him. Andy Gion (Police Chief Rex) played his part, hands-down.

After some of the other B-Grade movies that I've recently seen, this one is one of the better ones. I was entertained and look forward to the sequel. I would recommend this.

Reviewed by stanley-01706 10 / 10

Best Comedy Horror You Haven't Seen

I love this film - I love it so much, that I wrote it. Then I loved that script so much that I directed it too. Then I figured, why stop there? I should probably edit it while I'm at it. And then, well, now we have this movie.

Hi, Stanley Pomianowski, writer/director/editor here writing the first review.

So, is this film any good?


It's freaking great.

It's got killer cats, auto insurance phone calls, people losing limbs, kissing, and a pirate. It also features some rocking performances. You better learn how to properly pronounce "Fusca" because lead actor, Chuck Fusca, kills with his comedic timing playing Harry Bates. Rachel Comeau (hard to sight-read last names are a requirement to be in one of my films apparently) will seduce you as Allie Glades, the damsel in distress. Andy Gion (pronounced "G"+ on; see what I'm saying about these names) plays a tough guy, police chief to perfection (He's actually very sweet in real life). Jim Serrano delights the audience and steals every scene he's in as the dedicated and oddly-hungry scientist Dr. Cash Williams.

The rest of the supporting cast is loaded with talent too! We've got Johnny Alonso, Dana Anderwald, Sheryll Carbonell, and up and comers like Ana Gorayeb, Carson Holley, and more!

Did we talk about the soundtrack yet? Anthony Espina wrote the perfectly off kilter soundtrack that made everything work so much better.

I had a lot of fun making this film and I'm very proud of everyone that helped us make the film what it is. I hope you enjoyed it too!

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