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Howard Stern as Self
Lorne Michaels as Self - Creator, Saturday Night Live
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Reviewed by funkylamb 8 / 10

Genius Comes at a Price

So many artists throughout the centuries have led difficult lives. Those experiences more often than not are channeled into something beautiful. This is one of those stories.

If you have ever had any type of trauma in your life, I would suggest taking a look at this well produced documentary on Hammond's life. Sometimes something very familiar even if it is tragic can bring closure. I believe this film can do that for so many.


Reviewed by hons 8 / 10

wounds, coping, self hate, healing, grief, words of wisdom

Woe, this documentary has a lot, including a lot to process and wonder about, and think and feel. On display is the lifelong effects of childhood trauma, the pain, the crazy making of toxic wounded parents, the cry for help of cutting, and maybe humor and impressions. And the ability to heal some of it.

Reviewed by matthewtyler-39210 8 / 10

Deep dive into a under appreciated genius's soul.

I always thought Hammond had the most talent out of all the superstars he's worked with during his historic stint at SNL. His impressions were spot on and timeless classics that are still quoted today. With all that, I always felt he didn't get the recognition he deserved and I never really saw any interviews with him. This documentary sheds light on the man of a thousand voices like never before and I'm and even bigger fan after watching.

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