Cop vs. Killer



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Jamie Bernadette as Jessica Abrams
Melissa Chambers as Old Woman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bannsole 7 / 10

A good low budget movie.

Most of the acting as good. There were a couple of actors and actress who's line delivery was more akin to the adult film industry, but it wasn't that bad.

The biggest issue for me was the smaller stuff like sound design and VFX. Glocks don't rattle like pennies in a can. Blood doesn't move in relation to the movement of the camera and it also sticks to a shoe when it's stepped in.

The whooshing made it feel more like an '80s action flick especially during the hand to hand scenes. I'm not much of a fan of gun whooshing when presented to the target.

Regardless the movie was fun and well worth the money.

Reviewed by aztecdude 7 / 10

A good story of mistaken identity

I don't know how I found out about this film. I did learn through listening to the director and main lead on a couple of podcasts the time it took to film and the budget involved. I was impressed.

The premise is relatable, kind of. Mistaken identity. The protagonist trying to salvage his reputation and those closest to him.

The villain was scary. He gave off a mix of Michael Myers and the Terminator.

The single shots of different places and the soundtrack are reminiscent of Halloween.

I like some of the humor and banter between some characters. I'm a little mixed on some of the other small scenes that try a little too hard to add humor.

I wish the big fight scene was longer. Hopefully, there will be a sequel.

Reviewed by andybartow 2 / 10

This is what you get when everyone is in the movie making business

I don't write reviews often but felt compelled to write this one. I don't understand how a movie can be this bad, low budget or not. It is so bad it is almost funny, but unfortunately it is not a comedy.

The acting is horrible and the plot is ridiculous. I can't believe I paid to see this garbage. I only paid 0.26 cents thanks to some streaming credits I had built up, but honestly 0.26 was still to much. They should pay me to watch this.

I wish there was a way to get the quality movies we used to see in the 90's. Most industries get better at their craft as they gain experience but apparently this is not the case in the film industry.

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