Contemplations: On the Psychedelic Experience


Action / Documentary

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by heatseekerdale 10 / 10

A well crafted and unique masterpiece

A very iconic and unique Australian documentary featuring a cross section of some of the mainplayers in the Australian Psychedelic underground.

This is a both a journey into the psyche and an introduction to the felt experience of psychedelics. Refreshingly, it is more focused on the spiritual, transpersonal, paradigm shattering, esoteric aspects of psychedelics - rather than the current mainstream rhetoric around the trauma healing aspects of these uncanny plant medicines.

Add to this a well crafted, visual feast of special effects and articulate commentary and you have a unique and special documentary - well worth a watch.

Well done Julian Palmer and team.

Reviewed by CeeJaySupernornalizedDotCom 10 / 10

This Was A Surprising Documentary

Julian the director, has found so many great angles on the psychedelic experience directly from experiencers which to my mind is the best source rather than static stuffy scientific studies.

The alchemy of direct questioning drawing out an understanding that is personal to the speaker which then engages the viewer is clearly engaging.

The topics explored are done so with a sensitivity that only a long time journeyman in these spaces could do. I really enjoyed how the interviewees were treated and it is apparent that many are long time friends of the director with something to share that is important and timely.

High credits to all that worked on this. It is inspirational and yet offers cautionary tales that reign in the unwary. Very well done!

Reviewed by heidileopardskin 10 / 10

Very fascinating way for portraying psychedelic experiences into film

It can be merely impossible to imagine or describe one's psychedelic experience to others whom may have never tired or fully ventured in the psychedelic arena.

"Contemplations: on the psychedelic experience" gives you an excellent way to visually comprehend a psychedelic adventure, whether it may be encountering and/or becoming a god or unveiling the secrets to the universe, to describing one's distressing decent into madness.

Julian Palmer has a way of conveying his film into layman's terms so that anyone can understand and appreciate. The illustrations married seemingly well together with the stories and experiences being described.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film.

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