Complotul Bonelor



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by PopAdi97 1 / 10

Is this a TikTok film ?

This was painful to watch, I can't believe this movies went through many phases of making/distribuiting and no one complained about the quality of the movie...

No intriguing plot, no charisma, the kids' acting are subpar...this movie is full of celebrities' kids who can't even show a range of emotions, yet got their roles through nepotism. Bring real actors back !

The writing is painfully bad, did they hire some 10 year olds ? Even my dog can create a better movie, good Lord. This is suitable in a torture room for criminals :) I want my 1.5 hours back and a financial compensation for this crime.

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by rocketeeratr 1 / 10

A gigantic unfunny ad

Such a stupid movie. Just an Ad for various things. Just open YouTube and play any video. Better acting with less ads

Not worth watching at all, just don't wate your time for real. Just please don't

Zero acting, literally one of the worst performance I have ever seen on the internet. I did not paied to see this movie. The shared Netflix account made me feel better since the ones who made the movie did not get a dime from me

Horrible sound, like I had to shove the speaker up my skull in order to hear a corny joke and a bad delivery

No story, no character development, because there are no real actors whom can deliver a single piece of dialogue between these people

Nothing really happened, it's better to play the movie and sleep but then you might have a nightmare of product placement of a lousy written, acted and directed film.

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