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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kamikaze-4 5 / 10

Fans of original: Skip it

I really wanted to like this remake of Spanish cult classic, Who Could Kill a Child (1975) AKA Island of the Damned. However the movie is so flat it becomes hard to sit thru since I knew the outcome from the very beginning. As for the acting? There was a reason the female lead of the original, Prunella Ransome, won the Best Actress award from the Sitges International Horror Film festival. Oh well, if you never saw the original, you might like this thriller. Keep in mind, it's not as fast paced as most recent horror thrillers. You might enjoy the build-up. Better yet, look for the original on The Dark Sky DVD label. Then you will see true fear.

Reviewed by diegofsv 5 / 10

A wasted opportunity

When I saw that "Who Can Kill a Child?" was re filmed, I was optimistic. Despite its flaws, the 1976 movie was a chilling tale full of opportunity for a well made remake in the hands of a good director. Well, Makinov instead of trying to add something new, repeat the movie almost frame by frame. While he seems to be a good director, the kids in this movie are way less spooky than the older one, and the violence is way more edited, you barely see something. While the lead actor does a good job, the end is less meaningful because the kids are not that cool and the kills are way too boring. You don't see a damn thing. A great opportunity to do something new was wasted, but I hope that Makinov (a creepy guy with a red mask) does better movies in the future. He does have good hand, he just need risk a little more.

Reviewed by Robin_clarke41 3 / 10

Leads don't act like real people

For me the key ingredient to a successful horror movie is when the lead character/s behave intelligently when placed in a dire situation. I'm sure when most people watch horror movies they find themselves asking 'what would I do?'. A really good horror therefore tries to let its lead characters explore the options (when given a dire situation) that any sane person that wants to remain alive would explore. There is then also the question of what you would do to keep your loved ones safe when they are threatened. Again I'm sure most people would make decisions that put their loved ones safety before their own. Herein lies the biggest problem with this movie. Within the first 20 minutes any normal person would have figured out that the island wasn't safe and tried to make a quick exit. Of course our ultra-unrealistic protagonists do not. Instead they wander around looking for a store and enter the most uninviting hotel I've ever seen. From there it only gets worse as the male lead seems to have absolutely no concern at all for his pregnant wife's safety. He leaves her on many occasions in a town full of killers and on one with a man who attacked him only five minutes previously while he wanders off into the dangerous town again. The couple make so many ridiculous decisions that at one point I just wanted them to be captured and put out of their misery as anyone that stupid doesn't really deserve to survive as situation such as this. Harsh? Maybe but watch it for yourself and you will be equally frustrated with it as I was. A real shame as the premise was actually quite scary and to be fair the acting/directing was not terrible. You just felt nothing for the lead characters as they displayed absolutely no will to live and fight for their lives. Please give us horror movies that will actually scare us!

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