Come Away Home


Drama / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 63%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 63% · 100 ratings
IMDb Rating 6.7/10 10 627 627


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Lea Thompson as Carol Lamm
Thomas Gibson as Gary Lamm
Sonya Eddy as Sonya Warfield
Martin Mull as Barney Green
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Reviewed by jrboryk21 7 / 10

Big Girl in a Little Pond

This is a wonderful family film that brings the not so distant family a little closer together. "Come Away Home" is a very heart felt comedy that will have you laughing one minute and sobbing the next. This film is a rendition of what families truly are in today's society. It was refreshing to see a film with truth and honesty in how relationships between family members truly exist. This movie also brings into light a beautiful location, that many know to be as beautiful as it was captured on the "big screen". From the young actors (Annie) to the young at heart (Grandpa), this movie will appeal to the inner-child in all of us. With witty dialect and a decent plot "Come Away Home" is a movie the entire family will enjoy watching.

Reviewed by gregc2 7 / 10

Come Away Home

COME AWAY HOME is a surprising feel good movie for the whole family. It's a "PG" movie not just for kids. It was a pleasant night out with no violence, sex, or bad language but a movie that goes back to traditional values and a simpler life. And, yes, there are some "issues", such as rebellious teen, too busy parents, anger at the dad-grandfather character, but these represent things we can all relate to, and hopefully work out. Anyone who has ever visited Hilton Head, S.C. will recognize the scenery and location. While short-lived in theaters, it would be a great TV movie. I hope everyone will tune in! You won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by smartyreviewer 7 / 10

touching indie

I saw this film in the theater because I like to support independents, and I found it to be very well done. I typically prefer not to watch child actors, but the 12-year-old lead girl was excellent. The Grandpa, who played the Dad in Sixteen Candles, seemed so genuine in all of his scenes.

There was a fair bit of comedic moments... I longed for more actually because there were a couple of great comedy combinations with the actors. However, the overall acting, the unique backdrop of the locations, and the subtleties of the screen writing made this film enjoyable to watch... and very touching as well. I recommend it highly if you can find it.

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