2013 [SPANISH]


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Luis Zahera as Detective
Alberto Ammann as Navas
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Reviewed by lallo-2 2 / 10

So low level

A buggy and boring copy of Fast and Furious of which it has no plot no texture no story.

Non sense scenes? Don't ask why, is as is.

Two cars pursuing each other and the second magically disappear? Don't ask why, is as is.

A spineless movie.

It's similar to a soap opera where if you loose 30 minutes you didn't lose any scene at the end.

The races performed with Ferrari 458 488, Porsche Panamera Turbo 4wd, Audi A4 4.2 ltr Turbo are ridiculously slow. Outrageously slow. A Ford Fiesta 1st season will beat them so bad.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Moving thriller filled with nail-biting action , cars , a love story and swiftly paced

This exciting movie contains thrills , noisy action , intrigue , spectacular car race and a triangular love story . Stirring movie results to be an acceptable thriller filled with surprises , drama , twists , car pursuits and being efficiently realized . It deals with Navas (Albert Ammann) and Ari (Adriana Ugarte) , a couple of cunning thieves . While Ari seduces her victims , Navas and his colleague enter their houses, and they come in to steal from them . They eventually come across Mikel (Alex Gonzalez) , a wealthy young who works as a seller at a Jewellery and about to marry Julia (Maria Castro). As soon as they start their scheme on this objective to rob in the shop , they learn that Mikel was a famous race pilot with a dark past about an unfortunate accident . Then , Mikel and Ari fall in love and there takes place the classical loving triangle . Later on , Navas challenges an Argentinian contender for a cars race with unexpected consequences .

This is a thrilling narration of robbing and drifting auto racing with exceptionally fine camera work and great car chase sequences and crashes on the metropolitan streets . The picture mingles action-packed , drama , exciting cars pursuits , suspense , a little bit of violence and spectacular sequences though won't mean much on little screen TV . The picture turns out to be a crossover between ¨Tengo Ganas de Ti¨ by Fernardo Garcia Molina and ¨Fast and furious¨ series produced by Neal Moritz . The drivers, the cars and the races are the real stars of this movie . Pulse-quickening action movie but plenty of clichés and lots of dirty driving and heavier on crashes than coherency . All stunts were performed by authentic experts without people damage . The movie gives new meaning to the term ¨Tuning¨ and ¨Drifting¨ . Other chief excitements about the picture , will be in the intervention of a good plethora of Spanish young actors who realize professionally competent interpretations such as Alberto Ammann of ¨Cell 211¨ or ¨ Lope¨ , Alex Gonzalez of ¨Alacran Enamorado¨ or ¨X Men first class¨ and Adriana Dominguez of ¨Lo Mejor de Eva¨ or ¨Cabeza de Perro¨. Colorful and appropriate cinematography by Daniel Aranyó who has also worked in Hollywood as ¨Cheetah girls¨, ¨High School Musical¨ saga and formerly photographed ¨Invasor¨ and ¨Last days¨. The flick will like to adrenaline lovers and those young people looking for strong emotions . This is the kind of film in which the cars enthusiasts will enjoy immensely, it's a must see for cars fonds.

This is another superbly powerful thriller movie being compellingly directed Daniel Carlparsoro , the filmmaking is competent though the story eventually run out of gas . It was well realized by Calparsoro in similar vein to his previous film ¨Invasor¨ , another splendid thriller mostly set in Irak war . His best film was ¨Warriors¨ or ¨Guerreros¨ , another warlike film brilliantly made by Daniel and dealing with ¨Kosovo¨ war . Daniel was raised in Donostia , for that reason most films are set in Basque country . Daniel uses to work with his spouses , as his first wife , Najawa Nimri composes his scores and played in Salto a Vacio , Pasajes , Asfalto , A Ciegas ; and his second one , Patricia Vico , performed in La Ira . Calparsoro is an expert on action and violent dramas , such as : 2012 Invasor also starred by Albert Ammann , 2012 Invasor , 2005 Ausentes , 2000 Asfalto , 1997 A Ciegas ,1996 Pasajes , 1995 Salto a Vacío .

Reviewed by HLX1992 7 / 10

Spanish Fast and Furious

You may consider it a Spanish version of Fast and Furious. Likewise, captivating women and sport cars are major grarantees for box office. The extra element is robbing with a beautiful girl(boy) as a bait. At the beginning the plot seems quite firm, but it runs loose and eventually becomes a bit irreasonable. I was hoping it would avoid the platitudes that we have already seen too much in this genre of films. Alas, they swerved right into the same old story after the first turn.

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