Cold Feet

2018 [GERMAN]


IMDb Rating 6.2/10 10 1397 1.4K


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Jeanne Goursaud as Nicole
Emilio Sakraya as Denis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lyubitelfilmov 7 / 10

A funny trinity in the German wilderness or How to enclose a house without being burnt?

Comedy. A German-Austrian painting, unexpectedly found by me on the vastness of the world wide web, which delighted me so much that I decided to write a review. Russian localizers screwed up again, because the original name is translated as "Cowardice", and ours translated as "Nanny for Christmas." A surprise, so to speak, especially since the last German picture I saw was "Knockin 'on Heaven", and here is a comedy, and with good humor. And here's my short opinion - A funny trinity in the German wilderness. I did not find any minuses in the picture, so I will focus your attention on the pluses of this comedy. So, here they are: 1. Scenario - a young unemployed boy finds himself in the house of a disabled person and is forced to pretend to be his nurse, because because of the debt he needs to enclose the hut, but there is also a nice granddaughter of the old man in the house, who is studying to be a police officer. Such a surprise. And how to get out here? Another scenario about a loser and a robbery with good and funny humor. The finale is, of course, obvious and can be guessed almost immediately, but it's still nice to watch and follow the actions of the heroes, especially since the company has picked up a colorful one. An unlucky thief, a modest granddaughter, a lively old man in a wheelchair who has not lost his grip, a shepherd and several others. All this gimmick looks great and does not let you get bored for a minute. Do not wait for revelations, but enjoy the simplicity and unpretentiousness. 2. Humor - German humor is a rather specific thing, and apart from the Germans themselves and the peoples close to them, it is obscure, so I did not expect good from this comedy (so, while passing the evening), but here the humor turned out to be of high quality and can make literally anyone laugh. Even rudeness was avoided, so I got incredible pleasure from the local jokes and funny situations and I strongly recommend watching this comedy! 3. The scene of action is a German hinterland, far from civilization, a luxurious country house, winter, and a German raid, so to speak. In general, I don't often look at European paintings, since I almost never manage to find a worthwhile one, but this picture was a happy exception. 4. Actors - they did their best and played with a soul, so you get imbued with them, you empathize with them, you support them. The grandpa burns out in full and amuses and pleases almost the whole picture, since he has a character - I'll tell you fire. The dog is sweet and smart! A little abo1. Denis performed by Emilio Sacraia is an unemployed boy, due to a large debt he is forced to enclose a disabled person's country house, but faced with unexpected problems that require a cunning and subtle solution. He goes from a dunce to a strong and strong-willed guy with character, and there is also romance. Emilio did the part well. 2. Charlotte performed by Sonya Gerhardt is the granddaughter of a disabled person who did not come to the house out of her own whim. He meets Denis there, not yet suspecting what this guy really wants. A quiet, modest girl who wants to become a police officer, but her gentle nature and self-doubt prevent this from happening. There is romance here and it is very appropriate, and Sonya's face is pretty. Clever Sonya and played well! 3. Raymund performed by Heiner Lauterbach is an old man who, as a result of an unexpected opportunity, became a disabled wheelchair user, which makes him even more angry, given his already difficult character. Without even saying a single articulate word, he manages to amuse and delight the viewer throughout the entire timing. Well, the final chase is something! Bravo Heiner! Bravo! This comedy does not have enough stars from the sky and does not pretend to be "Comedy of the Year", but it does an excellent job with its main task - it entertains the viewer and does not let him get bored. I repeat, I did not expect excellent and good humor without vulgarity from the German comedy. Well done! As a result, we have a good comedy, with a simple and straightforward script, great humor, high-quality dynamics, German flavor and excellent acting. My rating is 7 out of 10 and my recommendation for viewing!ut the main characters:

Reviewed by kosmasp 7 / 10

Cold Feet

Being or becoming a criminal is not something that can be done easily. Even more so when you are under pressure to deliver a lot of money. The basic premise is simple and all the characters get introduced under the right circumstances. This is predictable and you won't be surprised by a lot of things that will happen here. Except for that one penis "Dumb and Dumber" joke (I feel like it is lifted from that ... lift scene, but I may be wrong) I reckon.

There are a couple of others disturbing jokes I reckon and the overall message might not come across as intended. But if you suspend your disbelief, this can be a fun watch. The logic and pace and mood the movie sets is being uphold from start to finish.

Reviewed by marias-37395 2 / 10

Even that storyline...

Even the best known, seen-it-a-million-times-before love story... even that was implemented very flatly and unmotivated.

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