Cold Copy


Action / Crime / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 35% · 17 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
IMDb Rating 5.4/10 10 510 510


Top cast

Bel Powley as Mia Scott
Helena Marie as Charlotte Nowak
Jacob Tremblay as Igor Nowak
Tracee Ellis Ross as Diane Heger
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deloudelouvain 5 / 10


Cold Copy is categorised as a crime/thriller/mystery but in my opinion it's just a drama, not even a good one. Watching this was like when you start reading a book and after hundred pages you start to realize that this is going nowhere, but you started the book, so you want to finish it, in case it got better but you have no high hopes. This movie is the same, the story is weak but you hope it will get better. I found everything very predictable so no mystery for me, nor any thrilling. Maybe a crime if you could call that a crime, it's more infantile behaviour. Writer/director Roxine Helberg didn't convince me. I watched Cold Copy because of Jacob Tremblay, that shined in Doctor Sleep and Room. He also played the young Tandy in the excellent comedy series The Last Man On Earth. He wasn't bad in Cold Copy, the story was just boring to watch. The other characters were annoying to watch. Time waster in my humble opinion.

Reviewed by danieljfarthing 5 / 10

Mediocre dramatic thriller lacking tension and leaving too many untied loose ends

In dramatic thriller "Cold Copy" journalism student Bel Powley (strong rising star) scratches a place in the class of her idol Tracee Ellis Ross (slightly over the top) - a hard-hitting interviewer at the height of her game & fame. To stay, learn & thrive tho, Powley must take tough advice, especially on the story she's on about her teen 'friend' Jacob Tremblay (meh) whose famous author mum died some years earlier. It follows a predictable path, but with little tension and scant twistiness, ending somewhat satisfyingly yet still with many loose ends untied. Debut writer / director Roxine Helberg aimed for a "Wall Street"-lite... and just about made it... albeit VERY litely. Mediocre.

Reviewed by jluthier666 7 / 10

Jacob Tremblay is the most interesting part

The movie is quite interesting for a directorial debut. The third act was quite rushed since there are a lot of things that was seemingly skipped between Mia and Igor.

Despite not getting to show full potential, Jacob Tremblay made another great performance. His character Igor has a pure heart and you just want to fill the void he has living mostly alone.

Mia is like Thanos in her own movie. When you see how much lines she cross, you will know how journalistic integrity start to not exist anymore in this movie.

If ever there is a director's cut for this movie, I'm expecting more Jacob scenes as his final scene could have had a heavier impact. But overall, the movie was good enough, and of course Jacob's performance was great!

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