2004 [KOREAN]

Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 23%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 23% · 250 ratings
IMDb Rating 3.0/10 10 1373 1.4K


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Steven Seagal as Jack Miller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dbborroughs 2 / 10

Easily the worst film Steven Segal has appeared in, but he's in it for maybe 10 minutes total. This is one to avoid.

Let's start with a warning: If you're looking to see this for Steven Seagal then rent it or borrow it do not buy it because you will be majorly disappointed. Seagal is on screen for maybe ten minutes if you include all of the shots of him on TV monitors. If you don't count the monitors its a couple of minutes less, and its a not very good fight scene.

The real star of the movie is Dong-jun Lee who is a karate champion who lost in a rigged match (which I think was against Seagal). The match occurred as his wife/girlfriend went into labor and gave birth to their daughter. The wife/girlfriend dies on the delivery table and the girl was put into an orphanage from which Lee retrieves her. Years pass and Lee becomes a cop. After he breaks heads while making a bust he is forced to retire from the force and turns to cage fighting to pay off his debts to the people who's heads he broke. He's such a good fighter (yea right) that the mob wants him to fight the world champion Steven Seagal. However in between all of that is a great deal of soap opera as the mother is found not to be dead and wants to get her little girl back (or some such nonsense).

Its awful.In between hitting the fast forward to get to something interesting and watching badly acted scenes at normal speed I sat there slack jawed at just how incredibly stupid this movie is. What kind of movie is it? Comedy? Family Drama? Its not really an action film. What is Seagal doing in this movie? If he did it for a paycheck he got all of the money. My guess is that this was suppose to be a family drama of some sort and somehow Seagal got roped in to doing a days shooting. The producers were happy because they now had a film that they could market as a Steven Seagal flick. Since there is no real release outside of Asia my guess is that anyone looking to release this saw it for what it was and dropped it. You will not be seeing this any time soon playing on American TV (or any other TV for that matter.)

Avoid this one. Its just not worth it. Yes, it has a few good moments, hence a 2 out of 10 rating, but its just a mess of a movie thats not even good enough to make fun of.

(NB:If you must see Seagals scenes fast forward to one hour and twenty three minutes in)

Reviewed by slightlymad22 3 / 10

Seagal Did Not Appear Before I turned It Off One Hour In

Clementine (2004)

This is easily the worst movie I have watched so far in Seagal's filmography, obviously a quick payday for him. He brings nothing to this except his name. He had not even appeared in it before I turned it off an hour in.

Quick synopsis the main star of the movie is a karate champion who lost a rigged fight (possibly against Seagal) I'm not 100% sure. As he is fighting this fight his wife dies during childbirth and his daughter put into an orphanage. He gets her back, stops fighting and becomes a cop. He loses that job for being too aggressive and turns to cage fighting to pay the bills!! Then in a move only a soap opera writer from Days Of Our Lives could come up with, the mother did not die and she wants her little girl back.


Reviewed by antal-wahlers 3 / 10

Waste of my time

A martial arts flick with only 5 mediocre fight scenes? The featured Seagal is only discernible in a fight for about 15 seconds. Most of the film is just family drama, which isn't a strong Korean trait. There's thousands of films more worth your while. OK. Just noticed I need to write 10 lines so here are some arguments to explain my vote: The acting is pretty OK, for an Asian movie of this style. That's why I voted it 3 out of 10. The problem is that the movie is lacking all the important parts. It is not funny. The script really has only one way to go from the start. I fast forwarded some parts of the film and didn't lose ANY context. And, most importantly, the film isn't exciting. There isn't a single moment where you hold your breath. Every action fan could forgive those points (I mean, be honest, most martial arts films are lacking on these points...) if only he were repaid with some spectacular fight moves. But this is really the killing blow. 2 of the fight scenes (with Kim as a cop) could be straight out of Maimi Vice and the rest are also just basic brawls. No cool kicks, no acrobatics, no grace, no nothing. There, I said it.

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