Citizen Gangster


Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 56% · 16 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40% · 250 ratings
IMDb Rating 6.1/10 10 4605 4.6K

Top cast

Kelly Reilly as Doreen Boyd
Charlotte Sullivan as Mary Mitchell
Kevin Durand as Lenny Jackson
Brian Cox as Glover Boyd
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deschreiber 7 / 10

a decent movie for everyone, best for Canadians

While this is not a Hollywood-style, over-the-top, cars-exploding, blood- spattering, machine-guns-blazing standard gangster film, it's worth anyone's time, largely because it says so much about what effect a life of crime has on the family life of the criminal. Boyd's wife gets lots of attention in this film, and we see clearly the terrible situation she and her children are put in because of her husband's career as a bank robber. She doesn't seem to be complicit, other than by not abandoning him. This focus is only possible, of course, because Boyd started out as an ordinary man trying to provide for his family, not as some delinquent street tough who was headed for the criminal life from his earliest years. It's the family connection that gives this film some emotional depth beyond the usual gangster narrative. When Boyd gets out of jail for the last time and tries to get his wife to join him again, and she has to refuse him because she is re-married and "doing good" for herself and their children, the story achieves real poignancy.

Kevin Durand makes a terrific tough guy, someone you would not want to meet in a dark alley.

A check with wikipedia shows some places where the script deviates from history, but nothing very outrageous, despite the suggestion of a previous reviewer here. For Canadians this story has special interest. Edwin Alonzo Boyd was one of the country's most famous and colourful (with a 'u') criminals.

Reviewed by juneebuggy 7 / 10

Decent bio-pic surrounding Toronto's most famous criminal

This was a pretty good bio drama, granted it lost itself at times and focused more on the human story than the usual shoot-em up gangster style movies. It actually reminded me a lot of 'Public Enemies' in the storytelling style. Scott Speedman was impressive in his conflicted portrayal of Edwin Boyd (Canada's very own John Dillinger) showing a quiet level of PTSD, strong love for his family, frustration and the excitement and cockiness experienced during the robberies.

Inspired by real events the story follows WWII veteran Edwin Boyd who, upon returning to Toronto after the war is disillusioned by a lack of opportunities. Frustrated by his job as a bus driver and embarrassed to still be relying on his father to help support his British war bride and two children. In time he turns to robbing banks, becoming one of the most famous criminals in Canadian history.

The period detail is well done here along with a bleak and cold filming style. I enjoyed Kevin Durand who plays fellow inmate/prison escapee and gang member Lenny Jackson. Brian Cox was also great in a smaller role as Boyd's judgemental (retired policeman) father.

I also liked the love story, as from beginning to end we see we see how much Boyd loves his wife Doreen, initially only robbing banks to support her and the kids but ultimately losing them in the process. The ending surprised me. It's entirely possible I crossed paths with an aged Boyd as he ended up living in the same province, you just never know. Worth checking out. 8/29/15

Reviewed by clarkj-565-161336 10 / 10

Lest We Forget

I did not really sync with this movie until Boyd stopped his bus to carry on a wounded vet who was in a wheel chair. He carried him over his back. The faces in the bus were all blank and without expression, you would think risking your life for your country was worth at least some feeling. I can remember growing up in Canada in the 50s, everyone had a stiff upper lip, very few ever talked about WWII. My uncle least of all, until his son, a fireman, was killed saving a man from a burning apartment. Suddenly his days on Malta during the German blitz came back. The movie captured the chill of post WWII and the bleak Victorian like atmosphere in Toronto. The scenes from the Don Jail were totally Gothic, even now the mention of the jail sends shivers down your spine. Nowadays, our wars are fought without declaration, our soldiers are sent to places where they don't even know who the enemy is. We expect that our society will be protected by superheros. The truth is that ordinary people fight for our freedom without fanfare, and unfortunately often with no support when they come home. This movie was a perfect description of this.

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