Christmas Lodge


Action / Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 49%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 49%
IMDb Rating 6.0/10 10 2767 2.8K


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Erin Karpluk as Mary
Rukiya Bernard as Yolanda
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michellelcalvert 5 / 10

Awkward and staged

While the story works OK for a 'cute' movie and is very family friendly, I found the main couple (Mary and Jack - such original names!) in this movie to have no chemistry at all. None! In fact, Mary seemed downright embarrassed and uncomfortable around Jack, especially when he brought up any serious topics. And as for Jack, after watching this actor in many of the Stargate shows, I know he is capable of much better acting and have no idea why he was pigeonholed into something like this.

The show was ultimately not realistic, and Mary would have known better than to go begging about how her project was a labor of love - very unprofessional. The story line was very amateur at times, with plenty of time dedicated to watching everyone be called to dinner and eating, Mary and the family all joining in for care-taking, etc. While an instance or two of this is good and emphasized family involvement, showing it over and over again was tedious overkill and added nothing to the plot. It was almost as if they were looking for filler fluff.

Overall, fine for a family showing, with good moral lessons, but lacking if you were looking for anything more.

Reviewed by clh-1 7 / 10

Endearingly Sweet

There are really two stories at play here; one is a very typical, though chaste, romance. The other is about a family coming together to do something special. The romance is fine; Michael Shanks and Erin Karpluk do have a real chemistry, and there's ample reason to believe that their characters should be together, but the script doesn't really give them much of a journey. It almost feels like some important scenes were trimmed. The other story, and far more compelling, is the story of the titular lodge itself. Intertwined with the building itself are two long family histories, embodied in an excellent performance by John Innes as the family patriarch. It is the story of a family gathering around his wishes that makes for a very watchable, touching film. There is a strong Christian element to the story, but it's never preachy. It's a story about people living by their strong faith. And it really does work. Whatever your own views, this film is truly about family love. And it is truly worthy of a spot in your holiday viewing.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 5 / 10

Lukewarm lodge

'Christmas Lodge', yet another recently seen Christmas film seen during my favourite holiday, could have gone either way. It could either have been very charming, cute and heart-warming, which is more my idea of what a Christmas film should be like. Or it could have been too schmaltzy and forced with unsubtle moralising. There are quite a number of examples of both extremes around, as well as a fair share of festive films that have elements of both and induce mixed feelings with me.

One Christmas film that fits into both camps and has elements of all the above is 'Christmas Lodge'. There is much to like, one can see why it would connect with viewers and the effort that was put in. For me though, for all its good intentions and that it had its heart in the right place, 'Christmas Lodge' was not a great (or even particularly good) film and it is not hard to see why there are people that didn't care for it (also understand, and share some of, their reasoning). Left me mixed if anything.

Will start with the good things. It's a good looking film, with the best aspect of 'Christmas Lodge' being the luscious scenery which the photography complements beautifully. The music avoids being too constant or over-scored and captures the essence of Christmas quite well. The acting to me seemed better than average (which is not an opinion shared by everybody) despite less than average roles, with likeable performances from Erin Karpluk and Michael Shank and an absolutely adorable dog.

There are moments of real charm and genuine heart, and all the good intentions are there. The message means well.

Despite all of that, 'Christmas Lodge' really could have been a good deal better than it was. It is too heavy-handed, with all the religious referencing, too much of it and none of it being subtle, being rammed down the throat too much. The script is on the limp side and is too thick on the schmaltz and corn, complete with an awkward flow. There could have been more to the characters than just festive cliches.

Too much of the story doesn't engage enough, with too much of the film dragging and with it being too thin. The scenario is too heavy on the contrivances and some serious suspension of disbelief is needed in the final act. Really do wish that the central relationship was developed more, the build up just wasn't there and it just felt rushed and underwritten. The chemistry between Karpluk and Shank was there but the progression and extra spark were missing.

Although a watchable enough film much of me regrettably was rather mixed and left lukewarm here. 5/10

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