Christmas Camp


Drama / Family / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.7/10 10 853 853


Top cast

Lily Anne Harrison as Haley Hanson
Bobby Campo as Jeff
John James as Ben
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kauling 6 / 10

Nice Christmas summertime movie

I watched this movie in July, and totally enjoyed it. The plot was a bit strange, who knows, maybe if more low level executives were sent to a Christmas camp companies might be better off. Was looking for a repeat showing in the fall 24/7 schedule, not seen a repeat as of yet.

Reviewed by pee_bee 6 / 10

Cute way to spend an evening

Nothing mind blowing here, but a nice little film. The actors are pretty good (the lead male bears more than a passing resemblance to Edward Norton), although I'm not sure I really buy Haley as being get-ahead work focused as she's meant to be. She's sent to Christmas Camp for work, so of course she'll answer some phone calls and send emails! That said, I am glad that this is a Hallmark film where even though the action is mostly in a small town the big city careers aren't denigrated. Apparently you are allowed to have the Christmas spirit and also want to get ahead at work - as long as you remember what's important in life.

Reviewed by seanbaroque 5 / 10

Total = 46/100

(Plot/Story: 4) Generic and formulaic, nothing special. (Believability: 5) Average. (Drawn in: 3) Hard to concentrate. I was easily distracted with other things. (Uplift: 8) Very positive vibe as it typical from Hallmark. (Acting/Directing: 3) Walk-through performances. The actors show good promise. I blame this on the directing. (Characters: 4) I didn't hate the characters, but I really didn't care much about them either. (Emotion: 5) A few good moments, but very little emotional impact. (Production/Quality: 5) Somewhat low budget for Hallmark. (Visuals: 5) For a get-away camp experience, I was hoping for some more breathtaking scenery, but the set pieces were just okay.

(Overall Entertainment Value: 4) I was just mildly entertained overall. It was odd because I liked the actors more than their characters. The major conflict in the story unfolds very late in the story, and with very little impact. A mere difference of opinion between people and one who refuses to listen. It never ceases to amaze me how many problems could be so easily avoided if people tried just a little harder to understand each other. I think it's time for these made for TV movies to hire some new writers and switch up their plot formulas.

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