Chameli Ki Shaadi

1986 [HINDI]

Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 7.5/10 10 1798 1.8K

Top cast

Anil Kapoor as Charandas
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nadkarnisumeet 8 / 10

Career best performance of Amrita Singh

Chameli Ki Shaadi review :

Career best performance of Amrita Singh who overshadowed every one. Director Basu Chatterjee's nice comical touch. Anil Kapoor's earnest act even though he didnt fit the role of an amateur wrestler. Amjad Khan, Pankaj Kapur, Komal Mahuvakar, and Annu Kapoor fabulous in supporting roles. Kalyaniji Anandji's much appreciated music score with Anil singing the title track. Chameli Ki Shaadi has lot of positives going for it. Watch it if you still havent.

Regards, Sumeet Nadkarni.

Reviewed by agrawalmannu 6 / 10

this one is hilarious

This is a hilarious movie about a small town romance. Pankaj Kapoor as coal merchant and Amrita Singh's father and Amjad Khan as lawyer and Anil Kapoor's big brother are brilliant and although i am not a big fan of Anil Kapoor and Amrita Singh but they have done a good job as well. Basu Chatterjee and Sharad Joshi have been successful in capturing the spirit of a small town in UP. The language used is right out of some town in western UP and the result is quite hilarious. But the songs stick out like a sore thumb because not only they are out of place but absolute base as well. If you like simple comedies you will love this one but don't forget to skip the songs.

Reviewed by manoj-ransing 9 / 10

very good clean comedy movie

This is a very good comedy movie, which will make you laugh while watching and make you smile after movie is finished. At that time such movies were very rarely made in Bollywood. Hats of to the director Basu Chatterji.

Storyline is very simple. In a small suburban area, lives Chameli(Amrita Singh) and Charandas(Anil Kapoor). Both fall in love. But their parents are against their marriage. Charandas finally with the help of Vakeel Bhaiya(Amzad Khan) make a lot of struggle and marry with the Chameli. Vakeel takes care of changing the opinions of their parents.

Music is not very good and not bad at the same time. The song "Mohabbat Ke Dushman Jara Hosh Me Aa" certainly makes an impact.

Director must be given credits for how he plotted this simple story. Starting from the Charandas becoming Chela of his Guru, he fall in love with the Chameli, their flirting with each other, letter exchanges, Chameli's parents locking her in the room, Charandas asking help from Vakeel all these scenes follow a very good time line. Each character has given some uniqueness and then actors have done justice with these characters. Even small characters like of Mamu(Anu Kapoor) and Master(OM Prakash) makes an impact. Amrita Singh fits equally good as an old school student, so Anil Kapoor, as a bachelor, who fall in love unexpectedly. Special hats to Pankaj Kapoor as in Kalluram. All others are fitted well in the story, and done their part as expected. This movie is a really good and can be kept in a collection.

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