Challenge of the Tiger


Action / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.2/10 10 456 456


Top cast

Morgan Fairchild as Morgan Fairchild
Jane Seymour as Jane Seymour
Richard Harrison as Richard Cannon
Bolo Yeung as Chang / Pang
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lfdewolfe 4 / 10

A bad cheesy action movie that I kinda like

This movie is one of many Bruceploitation movies starring Bruce Le as a secret agent along with his partner Dick Cannon. Yes, that's his name. The movie has with bad acting, bad plot, and the plot itself is conveyed very incoherently. Sub-plots come and go at will, characters make decisions that don't impact the plot at all, and characters are kidnapped for no reason. With all these problems you may be asking why I gave this a four and not a one? Well, that's because as bad as it is it's still a fun entertaining movie, with nudity and a plot that makes no sense. I would recommend this movie if you're looking for a good time.

Reviewed by Quicksand 6 / 10

The Timeless Appeal of the Porn Mustache

Bruce Le (that's not a typo) stars in an action film, with a script by Bruce Le and Poon Fan. If you're not laughing yet, keep right on walking. There's nothing more to see here.

Still reading? Awesome: Fast cars, faster women, a stereotyped asexual martial artist starring along side a sex-addicted American super-agent named Richard Cannon. Seriously. The first time you see him, he's playing tennis against two topless women. Simultaneously.

Did I say action film? It's a softcore adult film. With kung fu. And Chong Li from "Bloodsport." The acting is non-existent, the dubbing is awful, and the plot has something to do with a formula that can make a man sterile, able to have all the sex he wants with no repercussions. Is that good or bad? I'm not sure. Neither is the movie.

THERE IS NO DOWNSIDE HERE. I saw this on accident, as it came as part of a double feature with "For Y'ur Height Only," starring 2'9" Filipino action superstar Weng Weng. For once, this was a double-feature with everything. And I think this movie was actually the better of the two.

Judge for yourself, won't you? You'll be glad you did.

Reviewed by HaemovoreRex 6 / 10

Topless tennis!!! - Phwoar!!!!

Bruce Le stars in and directs this fairly entertaining kung fu actioner in which he and his over sexed, play boy partner (Richard Harrison) undertake an assignment to recover a top secret formula that could potentially render all men on the planet sterile(!) Shock horror! To make matters more complex, the said formula has also aroused the attentions of a number of other unscrupulous parties including a group of communists led by the one and only Hwang Jang Lee.

Cue a plethora of impromptu fights, breasts aplenty (including a truly mesmerising topless tennis match!), some Bull-Fu(!) and enough testosterone fuelled rippling muscle displays to please even a Mr. Olympia adjudicator!

Yep, all in all, whilst certainly not a classic by any means, it's good harmless B-movie fun and well worth watching at least once.

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