Carol Doda Topless at the Condor



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Reviewed by torrascotia 6 / 10

I Am Not Old Enough To Know Who She Was

This has a slightly misleading title, because while this documentary does indeed cover the uncovered Carol dancing at this club, its not 100% focused on her.

Carol for those who didn't know was a topless and then bottomless dancer in 1960's who became semi-famous based on the fact she was interviewed a number of times by the press due to her exploits. Of course there were many other girls doing the same but she had a higher public profile.

One of the reasons she became so well known was for being one of the first American girls to have breast augmentation, a practice copied from Japanese girls to attract the attention of American soldiers. However at this time this was industrial grade silicon which was simply injected without any thought of the consequences.

She was also involved in a number of indecency court cases which centred around first topless and then bottomless dancers, who knew that in the 60's some women's bathing suits had no top?

However it really the nightclub that is the core of the documentary, partly because Carol isn't around and that some of the other club staff are. And these clubs were as sleazy as you would expect.

Its an interesting snap shot of 60's American sleaze, however it still has a contemporary edge. Because like many young women today who opt to sell their bodies for cash, she also struggled to find love, due to her profession. It seems not much has changed when it comes to "adult entertainment" and the girls who provide it.

Reviewed by panta-4 8 / 10

Great documentary about the 60's

One of the best documentaries about the 60's! It was like Berlin from the late 30's moving to San Francisco thirty years later with all the Jews... full freedom of "expression" on any level! Marlo McKenzie and Jonathan Parker managed to catch the spirit of the time and it felt right, regardless how wrong it was.

The starting events were taking place in 1964, focusing on Carol Doda, who became the first dancer to perform without a top. Carol Doda was the first to don a "monokini," by the way; designer Rudi Gernreich had just introduced the topless women's swimwear. That created a great deal of buzz and led to several copies as well as lawsuits and arrests. Five years later, she again made history with a "bottomless" performance, however this time she was not successful in court.

Interviews are done with the club owners, employees, and surviving dancers. It's amazing how much these people admire Carol. Her intuitive instinct about what was entertaining demanded respect, and her towering boldness at being the first topless dancer is evident. Her interviews show us how beautiful, charming, and fun she was-always cracking a joke about her good looks. Carol and other characters are also included in the dance and song that Bobby Freeman eventually recorded, which was inspired by "The Swim". Along with learning about the history of Rudi Gernreich's topless swimsuit, "the Monokini," Carol also consents to silicone injections... that cost her dearly at the end...

Reviewed by / 10

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