Cabin Fever


Action / Comedy / Drama / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 62% · 141 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 44% · 250K ratings
IMDb Rating 5.6/10 10 84060 84.1K


Top cast

Eli Roth as Justin / Grim
Cerina Vincent as Marcy
Jordan Ladd as Karen
Rider Strong as Paul
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Cluckewallist 7 / 10

"Get Off My Property!"

A group of horrible teens arrive at a small town the residents of which are even more horrible, and there's also superaids in the water supply. The superaids is incidental, and I'd argue it's even a red herring of a threat. The real threat is obviously how a supernaturally horrible human being everybody is.

In the universe of Cabin Fever, no problem ever gets solved since it is always someone else's problem, until it becomes everyone's problem at which point no one has the power to solve it. It is a downward spiral, a representation of entropy that we are all very familiar with in real life and we know from our real life experience that any and every problem the characters in this film face will result in a major catastrophe due to people's unwillingness to deal with it at any of its stages.

Although there are a few intolerably disgusting frames that might get to you, it's more comedy than horror. Because you can't really feel too bad for anyone dying in agony when they kind of all deserve it. I'd argue we shouldn't feel bad, neither for the characters nor for their reflections in real life. Just keep selling the superaids lemonade like the good "BUSINESSMEN" we all are and get over it.

Reviewed by tburke85 7 / 10

Cabin Fever Better Than Expected

Cabin Fever was better than I expected but there were some things that weren't that good. For the most part the movie was a well made horror film that tells the story of five college friends on vacation at a remote mountain cabin when one of them contacts a flesh-eating virus. The movie is a somewhat realistic look at how people would react to such a situation. The movie stars Rider Strong (from Boy Meets World), Jordan Ladd (Broken Lizard Club Dread), Cierina Vincent (whose "spolier" featured in two steamy sex scenes one of which is good and another is okay at first then it gets weird. For those of you who have seen it. You know what I mean), James DeBello (from Detriot Rock City), Joey Kern, and the rest of the cast of unknowns are believable in their roles. I didn't really like the ending which could've been better and the dialogue wasn't the greatest at times but overall Cabin Fever is an effective horror thriller better than others that have come out recently from writer/director Eli Roth the man behind Hostel and Hostel Part 2 which at least to me weren't as good as this one. So if you're in the mood for a decent horror thriller you can go wrong with Cabin Fever. It (for the most part) delivers on whats expected from these kind of movies.

Reviewed by LoneWolfAndCub 8 / 10

An unfairly criticised debut; it really is not that bad

Eli Roth's debut, Cabin Fever, seems to be hated by the majority on IMDb and many other critics. I, however, found this to be a rather enjoyable little film that just falls short of being great. To sum up this movie: take a bit of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, a bit of The Evil Dead, a couple of elements from The Thing and Last House on the Left and you have Cabin Fever. A horror movie about five teenagers going to holiday in a cabin in the woods after college where the nearest town is filled with hicks and everything is slowly getting infected by an unknown virus which starts to turn everyone against each other. Roth blends horror with a small amount of comedy which suits this type of movie.

The five teens are a mixed bunch (the dumb guy, the horny couple and the innocent couple). Most of them swear, drink, have wild sex and smoke drugs and because of this may seem annoying and clichéd, on the contrary, Roth has captured the attitude of what teenagers were (and still are) like. We do all that they do (well, not so much drugs..) and to me that makes them more realistic. The locals aren't so realistic and seem to be their for comic relief and body count (which isn't a bad thing). There is plenty of gore and plenty of scenes to make you squirm in disgust.

The reason I don't give this a really high score is because the pacing seemed jumbled to me. For me, the running time was really short and there were not enough scares throughout. This movie had potential to be more than the final product but I respect what Roth has done and considering it was his first movie it is remarkably good and for that I give it:


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