Butchers Book Two: Raghorn


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jtindahouse 4 / 10

A let down of a sequel if ever I've seen one

I really enjoyed the first 'Butchers' film. I gave it a high rating and a pretty glowing review for a horror movie. So I was always going to give the sequel a chance. Some of the negatives I mentioned about the first one were really exaggerated in this film. The inexplicable character decisions and enormous villains who are able to sneak up on people like ninjas. The acting was also a big downgrade in this film. This sequel was a let down I'm sad to say.

I don't like to hate on low-budget horror movies so I won't rattle on too long here. The first half of this film was a real mess though with poor dialogue, a lack of horror and not much else to make up for it. The second half of the film gets a little better. The ruthless horror makes some brief appearances and that is certainly when the film is at its strongest. This one could've done with a lot of polishing though it has to be said. 4/10.

Reviewed by jurasikpaul 5 / 10

A bit of good, but a bit of a miss...

Not bad, but not good either, it started good, but kind of ended like a wet fart. The director start a lot of thing he doesn't really uses, he sets up things that never happen and that kind of leave you frustrated and telling you "what? That's all?".

But I think that the biggest problem is the main character that... Isn't one really, like I said before, the director set you up for something with the main character and it really goes down as he makes it (talking about the role) plain and basically invisible, the main character must have two flat lines and has the presence of a white toast with nothing on it, which makes the role a bit of a "why?".

The thing is I think that all the problems of this movies serve one thing, but that's just a supposition on my part here, that all these set ups and scenes or actions that never comes bring you to one thing "the message", yes, sorry to say it, I won't spoil too much, it's not really present apart from the simple fact that the movie has no point if not for it, and that makes it a miss, because if the director had focused on fulfilling what he set up instead of letting everything go for "the message" it could have been a real nice horror flick.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 1 / 10

Don't Say my Name

This isn't much of a sequel as it seems to only retains one character, that of the deformed Crusher (Michael Swatton). There is no character build-up. We see our family of cannibals first before we go to the kidnappers who say their name but don't want their names said. Brian (Dave Coleman) is the over-bearing leader of the group, disliked by all. Sarah (Hollie Kennedy) is his girlfriend and Josh (Sam Huntsman) is Sarah's cousin. Rico (uncredited-smart actor) is Sarah's other lover unknown to Brian. Ash (Corgand Svendsen) is the kidnapped victim who everyone thinks is a girl. Along the road they run into an elk which takes Brian out of the picture as the remainder take off in the woods only to run into the cannibal family and this becomes your typical script.

The characters were not likeable. The script and acting needed to be better. Hollie Kennedy for some reason was the exception to the horrid acting. The sound dips in a few scenes. Not worth the time.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

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