Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller


Top cast

Bill Paxton as Eddie
Julia Duffy as Julie Linden
Jimmy McNichol as Billy Lynch
Bo Svenson as Detective Joe Carlson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AlsExGal 6 / 10

Recommended for fans of off-beat cinema

Unbalanced maiden aunt Cheryl (Susan Tyrrell) has cared for her nephew Billy (Jimmy McNichol) since the boy was three and his parents died in a car accident. Now that Billy is turning 18 and looking to move away for college, Cheryl is acting increasingly bizarre, leading to violence.

I was expecting another routine early 80's slasher flick but instead this is an unusual, although not entirely successful, psycho-drama with some hack and'slash flourishes near the end. Tyrrell is as unhinged as usual, and your enjoyment may be tempered by your tolerance for her over-the-top histrionics. I recall McNichol being a teen heartthrob back in the late 70's, but not much else. He's a terrible actor, at least in this, and I'm not too surprised he quickly faded into obscurity. Julia Duffy, later a co-star on Newhart, was nearly 30 when this was filmed, yet believably plays the 20-year-old McNichol's high school sweetheart. I really enjoyed seeing the late lamented Bill Paxton in one of his earliest roles (credited as "William Paxton") as a school bully.

The strangest aspect of this film concerns Bo Svenson as the hard-nosed cop investigating the incidents in the film. He becomes convinced that there's a conspiracy by local gay men, and he won't consider any other explanation. At first I thought it was going to be another instance of throw-away homophobia that was not uncommon in genre films of the time. However, it becomes the driving focus of the Svenson character, with his personal hang-ups about gay men making him irrational. Added to his character being a short-tempered jerk to every other person he encounters, and it's one of the more unsavory acting jobs of his career. In the end I have a feeling that the filmmakers were sympathetic to the gay characters (there are a few, and not just in Svenson's mind), but it's handled in such a way as to make it confused, to say the least. I thought this movie was one of the more unique in a sub-genre that was glutting screens at that time, and would recommend it to fans of off-beat cinema. Others, especially those repelled by screen violence, should probably avoid it.

Reviewed by rwint 6 / 10

Tyrrell, Svenson, and Asher Help Lift This Above the Routine

If you've seen a million cheap 70's/80's horror movies with bodies in the cellar, 'shocking' revelations, and dreary drama interspersed with a few gory killings then you might consider this a notch above the rest. Not that there's anything original about it, but director Asher (whose claim to fame are directing TV sitcoms and those beach party movies) has a good handle on the demented nature of this material. He deliberately paces it only to finally unleash it all for a very twisted and kinetic climax. He also shoots a very well mounted, realistic looking car accident at the beginning. Basically the story concerns a very possessive aunt (Tyrrell) who goes completely over the edge when her 18 year old Billy decides to move out. Seems hard to believe that a kid could be living with someone for 14 years and only when he's ready to leave does he realize what a nut she is. Then again if you have a part for a good looking kid that is dull, simple, and clueless then Jimmy McNichol (you know Kristi's brother) is the perfect person to fill it. Tyrrell is fantastic, but then she always is with these types of roles. Her performance though is almost equaled to that of Bo Svenson. His brash, gruff, unorthodox investigator character becomes almost as frightening as hers. Great chance to see young Bill Paxton and pre NEWHART Julia Duffy (you even get to see her topless). A real refreshing change of pace here where believe it or not, NONE of the victims are oversexed, screaming teenagers.

Reviewed by merklekranz 6 / 10

Way better than it should be ..........

If ever a horror movie could be accused of throwing in everything but the proverbial "kitchen sink", "Night Warning" is that movie. With homosexual bashing, a nod to "Psycho", and a furious mother - son fixation, this film doesn't quit till all the cliché's are covered. The opening has a rather impressive car crash, that sets a somewhat intricate story in motion. Susan Tyrrell is in full deranged mode, and Bo Svenson is despicable as the investigating lieutenant. His entire investigation is built on "air castles' with homosexual overtones. Eventually the wheels of sanity come off, and Tyrrell gives a memorable performance that by itself carries the film into above average territory. - MERK

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