Bullets, Blood & a Fistful of Ca$h


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Reviewed by Andrew-J 6 / 10

Like Vengeance? Like Cash!

To be honest, this writer nearly shut down the movie in the first three minutes. There is a lot of hand-held, jerky camera work, and that is a great turnoff.

Fortunately, the movie stayed on. The writing was not bad at all, and the direction was noticeably better than most films with a comparative budget. The character of Cash is one you almost want to hate... Except the actual villains are more despicable.

Basically, this movie is about a bad guy taking out worse guys in order to take his revenge on a purely evil guy. There's a lot of violence and a lot of swearing, but very little nudity.

This receives a six out of ten only because of the production quality, and the feeling that it could have attained even higher heights. Nevertheless, it is a great movie for the vengeance aficionado.

Reviewed by Haynerator 2 / 10

Nice Effort; But, No Thanks.

OK...So this film happened to be on Prime-Time TV on a Friday night. We weren't really in film mode - But as we are friends with one of the actors we decided to watch it, mostly for him.

Now lets see; I'll start from the beginning - I mean, the opening was great for the money, it was inventive and looked pretty captivating. After this it starts to fall apart bit by bit.

I started losing interest. There were only 3 good performances, count em, 3. They were; Jerry Lloyd, Phil Randoy and Rodrigo DeMedeiros. The rest felt like overacting and the rest just bad acting...Tom Doty looked right for the character he was playing, but his performance was often quite shallow and unconvincing. The story was quite convoluted, it felt as if there was too much going on and I couldn't really grasp what the characters were doing. All I managed to comprehend by the end of the film was Cash's vendetta for Hector, and why. But I didn't understand why Pablo screwed Cash over, Abe Shanks intentions towards the crime syndicate mish-mash, or why Hector did what he did to create Cash's vendetta towards him.

This is where I lost interest, I got confused - Why did I get confused? I didn't understand at all, if I was supposed to take this film seriously or not and I spent more time working that out then concentrating on the story. The violence was ridiculously over the top and often times quite funny, in no way realistic, but funny. Though because of the opening being so great it left me in an awkward position and it confused hell out of me.

I'll use 'Sin City' as a comparison here, because it's a similar genre. 'Sin City' had a perfect balance between the silly and the serious, you can identify immediately that the film is not taking itself seriously yet is balanced out by good acting and good writing. So you can watch it seriously and respect it for what it is. 'Bullets Blood, & a Fistful of Ca$h' was a horrid mess of silly and serious, it's almost as if you're laughing one moment and then wondering if you were supposed to the next...This sucked out any humour in dialogue that was intended to be funny.

Some of the cinematography wasn't too bad, there were some nice angles, and though the violence seemed silly; it was pretty impressive for the budget.

There were too many main characters, and only a handful were properly introduced. The rest popped up randomly claiming to have some involvement in the main plot, this takes you out of the story from what you've seen so far for you to practically go back to the beginning to learn something new...It shifts to much to concentrate on.

The editing process clearly had very little patience behind it, there were some horrible cuts and a lot of the audio was poorly inserted.

That's all I can remember off the top of my head - I'd take notes if I watched it again, but I don't really want to.

It was a nice effort with the budget, and I commend the people involved taking a stab at this - But it just didn't come together very well. Overall the film was pretty messy, and I think it would only be passable to fans of these genre of films. More time needed to be spent on the script so that it flowed well and made sense. It should also be decided from the off if you're going to want people to take the film seriously or if it's intended to be some form of parody. If you want to attempt both in one, some serious thought processes need to go into where you want the humorous performances to go to avoid some mess.

I don't really recommend this film...To anyone, to be perfectly honest. But I still commend the efforts and congratulate the makers for getting it on TV at such a perfect time slot. Better luck next time, but this one is probably something to bury.

Reviewed by nwfilmguy 1 / 10

Over hyped bad film

I must disagree this is by far one of the worst films I have ever seen. Yes its a true independent in-terms of the fact that it was shot on 50k.. and man you can tell. The sound is a joke! it clips, the Foley is not present. i mean take some time and do it right! They claim it was shoot on 16mm but i could swear it was shoot on digital, it just does not look like film ... or shoot by people that don't know how to use a camera at all and very bad lighting.

The more important thing to bring up is that as an independent you have to have a SOLID story that will drive people and introduce you to characters that will suck you and want you to love or hate them... the only people i hate are the filmmakers for making a movie with out a storyline. Hollywood crap like The Marine are more entertaining than this and thats sad. Its too long with childish writing that does not go anywhere. It has stage actors that over act of actors that have no idea how to act. Even the Exec Producer shows up in and is so bad its a joke. As a director you need to guild your actors, and help them craft their characters.. even if they characters are dry and one dimensional.

OK special effects again not bad for 50k BUT still it comes across as a cheap horror film, Troma makes better movies than this. The blood is thin and sprays out all over and does not look real. But not bad for the money... the guns that where all over this movie have very bad audio. The ADR work is a joke! You can tell where they are live on set and when they are totally in some bad sound studio because the audio is to deep.

Look this is not a good film, and just because they made it on so little does not mean we should glorify it. Who cares you can tell they made it on nothing, they took no time to make a story that flowed and entertained. The director is young and lacks the talent to make the characters talk. It is an insult to compare this movie to a Quentin Tarantino film! Next time stay in pre-production longer, get actors that can act... spend more money on sound. Suck me in, don't push me out.

I also would like to point out they turned down a 1.2million dollar distribution deal because they want full control and want to make 100million and actually think they will. Independent film makers need to learn if they want to make it in Hollywood your first film will not make you that much.. your second film will make you the money.. Its a business.

Oh and done give me that "your a sell out" if you do that. First this is not some amazing film that will change your life.. its a violent plot less, bad acting pile that uses the F word far to much to the point where it becomes a joke. So they are not selling out.

This film is good for one things... in school "what not to do when you make an independent film" Sorry guys, it is just that bad. Don't waste your time. It will get a cult following because its just so bad... it becomes funny... then boring because you just want it to end.

Don't waste your time. I gave it 1 star for effort... and because it is as low as i can go.

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