Bula Quo!


Action / Adventure / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 27% · 15 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 52% · 50 ratings
IMDb Rating 3.9/10 10 366 366

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Jon Lovitz as Wilson
Laura Aikman as Caroline
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by trevorwomble 5 / 10

A strange if fun movie

Pop stars making movies about themselves as pop stars is nothing new but this film missed that boat by about 40 years, when Quo were at their zenith.

This romp about Rick and Francis on the run from a local mafia in Fiji after they witness a murder has a fair bit of humour and is well photographed. Sometimes the audio is a bit hard to hear but for a lot a budget junket I'm the sun it's quite watchable. Francis and Rick absolutely cannot act and it shows, although Craig Fairbrass and Jon Lovitz are surprisingly good in this. The film has a not very good script and clunky dialogue but the music is great.

With a little more care this would have been a good family film but unfortunately it's a bit dark for young ones.

It's a watchable enough romp but it's no classic and certainly nowhere near as good or as funny as something like the Beatles film A hard day's night.

Reviewed by SteveResin 3 / 10

Dying On An Island

Rock stars and acting is rarely a good mix, but to be fair to Parfitt & Rossi they're not terrible, just not terribly good either. Sadly the film itself is dreadful. The plot is wafer thin, a bit like Rossi's hair, the script is like something Scooby Doo rejected and the music is largely sanitised updated versions of old hits. There are a few new numbers but they're instantly forgettable.

I'm not sure why they thought this was a good idea, it's frankly embarrassing and to think the band who brought us Pictures Of Matchstick Men or some early 70s heavy albums like Dog Of Two Head, Piledriver & Hello are responsible for this is grim. It's like some watered down Carry On film without the saucy gags or talent. It must have been a Bucket List scenario, let's make a film before we retire, because we can. There's no artistic reason, surely? I accept Quo have been "light entertainment" for nigh on 3 decades now but there's no excuse for this rubbish. It's just lazy and a vanity project.

Quo have done some credible and truly excellent projects over the last few years, especially the reunion of the original four piece for a few concerts, and the "unplugged" shows and album. So the decision to make this piece of cinematic excrement is bewildering.

Reviewed by kodabar 3 / 10

Not great, not terrible. Just a bit bland

I like Status Quo. I'm not a big fan, but I enjoy their amiable, fun rock music. In many ways, they don't get the respect they're due, perhaps because they never managed to break into the American market.

Bula Quo isn't a good film. It's not even bold enough to be terrible. Everything about it is just a bit bland and lacking.

Stuart St. Paul is a great stunt coordinator with a long history of good work. But as a director, he's awful. His films remind me of Willy Bogner, the ski film maker: Bogner's great with the ski films, but when he tries to make actual films, it all falls flat. And so it is with St. Paul.

The story is weak and predictable, but that isn't necessarily the kiss of death. If the acting was stronger, it could have been okay. Parfitt and Rossi aren't terrible, but they are terribly directed. There's some nice banter and back and forth between them, but it just doesn't come across well. With some acting lessons and a lot of rehearsal, there could have been a good performance there.

Craig Fairbrass does what he always does, but he's wasted and he's not a strong enough actor to deal with a poor script. Jean Heard isn't much good either - she's not convincing and has this funny habit of pausing after each line, which just drains the life out of her performance. The only good performance comes from Laura Aikman, who just happens to be St. Paul's daughter.

Most of the audience for Bula Quo are going to be Quo fans and they can probably overlook the shortcomings of the film just to enjoy see the band on-screen. And that's fine. It's just a shame that with a bit (well, a lot) of work on the acting and an actual film director, this could have been a decent little film - nothing that would set the box office on fire, but something mildly fun for a rainy day.

(PS The music is fine and they even play Pictures of Matchstick Men - their first hit from the 1960s)

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