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Reviewed by eldavidotaco 8 / 10

love this film

Overall it's very interesting to follow the start of Sting's "new" music career after The Police. I think a lot of fans might have been disappointed, since the music he started playing after leaving The Police was completely different from what he used to do. However, I think this movie really shows what a incredible and talented musician Sting is. "Bring on the night" is a film that all fans of Sting & The Police MUST see. It's interesting to hear Sting talking about some of his experiences considering music. Yes, he seems a little arrogant in person - almost depressed. But his stage prescens is one of a kind. His voice sounds better and more clean than when he was in The Police and it's fun to see him play other instruments than bass guitar, like piano and electric guitar. Not many people know that he also plays the saxophone, oboe, banjo and several other instruments and is in fact very scilled in playing them.

Reviewed by helpless_dancer 7 / 10

Sting sheds shield

Good documentary featuring Sting and his new band doing a lot of rehearsing in a grand old domicile. We are treated not only to the final touches of putting together a new set of songs, but a peek into the more relaxed moments together and a rousing concert finale. An eye opening look into the inner workings of a jazz band and the mind of a talented entertainer.

Reviewed by DukeEman 7 / 10

The music is great as always with Sting.

This is not a revealing doco. It's a celebration of the artist, Sting. On this tour he manages to round up some fine Jazz musicians and slot them right into his creative process. A few insightful moments are delivered but in the end it has nothing new to offer but a free peak into the workings of another creative mind in progress.

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